Imagine holding a sizzling Cuban chicken sandwich in your hands just inches away to be devoured. It is no longer a delusion, but a reality to ease your lockdown woes. Pollo Tropical has just added another mouth-watering delight on the menu. The best part is that you can enjoy munching it from the comfort of your air-conditioned car. You can easily order it at the drive-through and enjoy its scrumptious taste.

Available for only $5.99, it is a blend of several ingredients that make it a must-try. It is a crispy chicken which is a mix of buttery bread, Swiss cheese, tart pickles, mayo-mustard sauce, and tender ham. These Cuban sandwiches are primarily served at local cafeterias and restaurants. But now it can be ordered in Miami.

Pressed Cuban Chicken Sandwiches Launched by a Miami Fast Food Chain

Amid lockdown, it is one of the best treats you can enjoy with your family. You can buy the Cuban pressed chicken sandwich and take your kids out for a long drive. Definitely, there is not much anyone can do about the ongoing pandemic except taking precautionary measures and have their share of fun. Life has indeed turned upside down, but such moments can help lift yours and your family’s spirits.

As a matter of fact, delicious food has the potential to help you think positively. It gives you some scattered moments of happiness even when things are not good. You can also stay at home and enjoy eating this sandwich while watching your favorite movie. Just like you enjoy watching shows at a cinema, you can do the same while staying at home with your family.

Life never stops and you may still have a lot of work to do. Technology has made it easier to work from home, especially considering the present situation. During a hectic day at work, you need to have something to enjoy, be it eating tasty food in the shape of Cuban pressed sandwiches. It is time for you to add this delight to your ‘to do’ list. Thanks to Pollo Tropical for giving everyone in the town a good reason to smile.

Trying different types of cuisines gives you lots of dining options. Just like you get tired of following a mundane routine, you are also likely to hate eating the same stuff over and over, no matter how good it tastes. Therefore, tame your taste buds and by embracing the pressed Cuban chicken sandwich once in a while.