A new round of conflict breaks out as Prince Harry attacks the father over corruption charges and allegations.

Prince Charles and Prince Harry barely speak to each other in eight months and it is added that Charles would be devastated at the prospect of being further ostracized from the grandchildren Lilibet and Archie, according to the reports.

According to the news sources, it was revealed that Prince Harry charities have received a huge amount of support of at least £50,000 ($70,000) from Mahfouz Marei Mubarak bin Mahfouz, one of the most controversial Saudi billionaire who was also honored by Prince Charles with a British medal called as CBE after receiving £1.5 million ($2 million) to Charles’ charities.

In addition, Prince Harry, hit back at the claims from the news sources, highlighting that he had good ties with the Saudi billionaire. He further added that he added nothing to do with the statement about the CBE scandal.

A friend of Charles told the Sun: “Charles is deeply shocked and disappointed by Harry’s latest statement, which effectively threw his father under the bus.”

“There are fears that this episode with Mahfouz could even be a chapter in Harry’s autobiography.”

“This attack was more damaging than the swipe at Charles’ parenting skills because this was a challenge to the way he conducts his business which is far more damaging to the future king.”

“There is no way for Charles to fight back and defend himself publicly so he keeps a dignified silence.”

“These constant barbs about his father from America could be very damaging to his reign. Attempts have been made to clear the air but they have barely spoken since the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral.”

The friend added: “Charles very much loves his son and he will not be having a pop at Harry in return. It’s that simple. He is not going to join in because loving his son is the thing that matters the most.”

The Telegraph added a quote from a source saying: “The prince absolutely adores Harry. He will feel absolutely devastated by this; distraught. He’ll be beside himself if this means he also becomes more ostracized from his grandchildren. It’s such a sad state of affairs.”