During the first half of 2021, Princess Charlene of Monaco was unable to return to Monaco because of an illness. She wasn’t able to see her husband Prince Albert, her twins, Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella (both six years old) on her tenth wedding anniversary.

After returning to Monaco earlier this month, Charlene seems to still be battling illness. To give her time to recuperate from her recent bad health, the Palais Princier announced on Tuesday that she won’t be attending the National Day of Monaco with Prince Albert. On Wednesday, Prince Albert stated that she was recuperating in a secret location and she is really having treatment outside of Monaco.

After his last week’s trip to Dubai, Prince Albert, 63, said that he and Charlene, 43, had a family-style intervention. Her siblings and her sister-in-law were seated around her. They merely wanted Princess Charlene to affirm her choice in front of us since she had already made up her mind. She had her eye on it. She had already decided that the best course of action was to take a break and get some actual medical attention. Also, not in Monaco. It would have to be outside of Monaco for privacy considerations.

There is talk about Charlene’s health out there, but he stated it wasn’t COVID or cancer-related, which he said he was aware of. Neither it is a business problem, nor a personal one. He also confirmed that it has nothing to do with cosmetic surgery or face reconstruction at all.

What Ailment does she have?

Princess Charlene was rushed to Netcare Alberlito Hospital on September 1 after collapsing following complications from one of multiple surgeries for a severe ongoing ENT infection. Prince Albert has confirmed that Princess Charlene is dealing with exhaustion, both emotional and physical.

That day, Charlene was supposed to have another operation to address her disease but it was postponed because of her condition.

In mid-May, she allegedly had her first surgery, followed by a second in June, and a third in October. She and their two children will return to Monaco, Prince Albert revealed at the end of October.

Albert thinks she’s getting better. They should be able to contemplate her return very soon if this final procedure on the nasal septum went successfully, he added. He also said that she would be in Monaco well before Monaco National Day.