The long-awaited royal family reunion is finally happening. 

Princess Charlene of Monaco, after staying away from her family for months, is now meeting her husband, Prince Albert, and children  – Princess Gabriella and Prince Jacques. A press release confirmed the Princess Charlene operation for August 13, the Prince’s Palace of Monaco stated,

“HSH Prince Albert and Their children, Hereditary Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella will join Her during Her period of convalescence.”

After staying for 3 months away from the family, Princess Charlene of Monaco has reunited with her family as they fly out to her in South Africa after her recovery from a mystery surgery. 

Charlene, 43, was last seen in his second home (Monaco) in January. Today, on 25, August she announced her reunion with the family by posting a picture on Instagram. The caption says, “ I’m so thrilled to have my family back with me”

Before today, the family was last seen reunited in June when Prince Albert and the children flew out to South Africa to meet Charlene. 

Princess Charlene has been in her home country (Cape Town) for months now after contracting a “severe sinus infection”. As per the news, two weeks before meeting her family, the Princess underwent a “four-hour surgery under general anesthesia”. However, it is still unknown whether the surgery was linked to a sinus infection or not.  

Last month, she disclosed to Mandy, host of South Africa Radio 702, that she’s expecting her family over in a few weeks while acknowledging the fact, “This is the longest period I’ve been away from Europe and my children,” she added.

Today, Charlene shared a bundle of pictures as she reunited with her family in South Africa. She also commented on Princess Gabriella’s unusual haircut and added in her caption,

(Gabriella decided to give herself a haircut!!!) Sorry my Bella, I tried my best to fix it,”

The twins, Gabriella and Jaques, and the father Albert will be staying with Charlene while she recoups – the palace announced. Although it is still unclear for how long the family will be together, the Princess is not returning to Monaco any soon before October 2021. 

The Princess’s absence from the palace, which also involves missing some major high-profile events, has led to rumors around the state about her marriage. Especially after the news emerged of her husband facing paternity suit over an illegitimate child in their initial years of the marriage.