Renowned pro wrestler Bobby Eaton has died at the age of 62. The news of his passing was confirmed by the National Wrestling Alliance. Although the cause of his death is unclear, reports state that the legendary wrestler was hospitalized in July, on account of an injured hip and broken fingers from a fall.

His sister, Debbie Eaton Lewis took to Facebook to share the tragic news.

“Little brother beautiful Bobby Eaton passed away last night,” read the post. She also added how her brother was not the only kind at heart, but also the “most loving person you’d ever meet.”

Apart from posting a series of photos with her brother, Debbie also wrote how her brother was sure about what he wanted to do in life from the age of 3. From a very young age, Bobby Eaton had decided to be a wrestler, and so he did.

Thomas Laughlin, more often referred to as Tommy Dreamer, was one of Eaton’s good friends in the wrestling fraternity. After the news of Eaton’s death was made public, Laughlin said that he was absolutely “gutted.”

According to Laughlin, his friend was not only brilliant at his work, but also as a human being. Once you met Eaton, you’d realize that he was an exemplary person, even after achieving heaps of success in his career, affirmed a grief-stricken Laughlin.

As a wrestler, Bobby Eaton enjoyed an illustrious career that spanned over four decades. He was welcomed into the Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame in 2019, in addition to several other wrestlers who constituted the tag team.

Many of Eaton’s wrestler friends considered him as one of the most underrated talents in the business.  WWE wrestler Adam Copeland took to Twitter to acknowledge Eaton’s skills inside and outside the battle ring. Another wrestler, Dax Harwood tweeted that Eaton was undoubtedly “one of a kind.”

Bobby Eaton had been married to Donna, the daughter of wrestler Bill Dundee and the couple had three children together. His wife had died in June at the age of 62.