Pro-Trump protestors tried to break into the vote-counting center in Phoenix, Arizona armed with weapons. They were asked to leave shortly afterward.

A few of the media outlets have announced Biden’s victory in Arizona, however, the Trump campaign believes they could still gain more votes and win. Biden is leading in Arizona with almost 69,000 votes.

In Michigan and Pennsylvania, protestors supporting Trump are demanding that the votes should not be counted beyond Election Day whereas, in Phoenix, the protestors were insisting that all the ballots must be counted.

Protestors Surround Election Center in Arizona after Trump’s Claims of Fraudulent VotesIn addition to this, more protests are taking place all over the country about the election as well as about racial inequality.

Hundreds of people were reported to be protesting in Seattle, Portland, and Oregon calling for a complete count of every single ballot as well as opposing Trump’s efforts to halt the vote-counting process. Several people were also arrested during these protests.

Fox News along with the Associated Press announced Biden’s win in Arizona even though several thousand votes still had to be counted. This aggravated the confusion regarding the state and its victor.

Later, 74,000 more votes were reported from Maricopa county that put Trump in the lead. There are still more votes left to be counted in the state from Pima county. However, the county is pro-Democrat and will probably put Biden in the lead again.

Arizona after Trump’s Claims of Fraudulent VotesThe Trump campaign office argues that they will be able to win Arizona with the remaining uncounted votes. However, an analyst from the Washington Post explains that the uncounted votes could close the gap but are not enough to exceed Biden’s votes.

After Trump’s false allegations that the mail-in votes were fraudulent, several Republicans filed lawsuits all over the country and protestors surrounded the election center in Phoenix.

They chanted against Fox News for announcing Biden’s victory in the state. An Arizona Republican also stated that the election will not be stolen under their watch.

A statement was released by both the Republican and the Democratic member of the board of supervisors explaining that counting all of the votes accurately is a time-consuming process and it should be labeled as democracy, not a fraud.