If you are facing the issue of connecting your Ps4 to the internet, then, unfortunately, you will not be able to exploit some of the outstanding features of its console, for instance, streaming videos, installing the latest games, and most importantly, multiplayer gaming. 

But don’t worry, we have listed down some techniques you can use when your ps4 internet connections fail.

Restart your Wi-Fi router:

Sometimes we overlook the simplest of things that can resolve our issues. If you are facing Wi-Fi connectivity issues, then try this simple hack. Restart both your Ps4 and the router. For PS4, you can simply turn it off, and for the router, just unplug it from the power source and wait for 10 secs. After that, just turn it on by plugging it back in. However, make sure you turn off the Wi-Fi before turning off the ps4. Then first turn on your PlayStation 4, then the router. 

2. Set DNS settings:

Open the menu bar on PlayStation 4, go to settings, click network, set up internet connection, and select either LAN or Wi-Fi cable. We suggest LAN. 

Open DNS Settings and switch it to manual. For primary DNS, use and for secondary.

Set MTU to Automatic and do not use Proxy Server

3. Drop the transmission mode of Wi-Fi:

Has your ps4 internet connection failed? Here is another simplest hack to fix this issue. It has worked for many internet users. All you need to do is just go to the router setup, drop the transmission mode of your Wi-Fi to 54 MBit/s.

4. Disable N mode: 

The Reddit readers have proven this hack effective for solving the Wi-Fi issue in ps4. All you have to do is just head to the Wi-Fi’s wireless settings and turn off N mode. If not all, it will resolve Wi-Fi issues for most of you. 

5. Set your device to default settings:

For this, you have to reset your device to default settings and connect back your Wi-Fi to the ps4. 

There might be some other issue that hinders the connection between your Wi-Fi and PlayStation 4. for instance:

  • Maybe your ps4 connection is offline
  • It could be your router’s issue. It might have larger connectivity problems
  • There could be password-related issues either with your gaming console or Wi-Fi.

After trying all these hacks, yet your ps4 internet connection fails or poses any other connectivity problems, you can always contact Sony PlayStation 4 support for guidance and assistance.