Ukraine officials have been worrying about the Russian invasion, as tensions in the region have risen unprecedentedly high as of now. Amidst rising tensions, President Biden and Russian president Vladimir Putin are set to have a talk regarding diplomatic solutions for the matter. This is to be their second conversation for the month alone. According to the Biden administration, the talk has been initiated by Putin’s admin, to diffuse the hovering tensions over Ukraine diplomatically.

At the same time, tens and thousands of Russian army troops have aligned and have been huddling on the Ukraine border directly conflicting with the diplomatic rhetoric from the Russian government.

Someone in the official admin office noted even though they “cannot speak to why the Russian side has requested the call,” both Biden and Putin still believe there to be “genuine value in direct leader to leader engagement.” According to them, “I think we are at a moment of crisis and have been for some weeks now given the Russian build-up and that it will take a high level of engagement to address this and to try to find a path of de-escalation.”

Several European countries along with the U.S. have threatened severe economic penalties on Russia, if any such attack on Ukraine is given a green signal from Putin. There have been more than 14,000 casualties due to Russia’s attempt at overtaking the Crimean Peninsula, before seizing hold over the region of Donbas, Ukraine’s eastern provinces.

Apparently there is still no official confirmation by either of the administrations about whether Putin is going for a complete invasion of Ukraine, but the looming threats are enough to raise genuine and rightful concern, and mitigate it as easily and with as little human and otherwise cost as possible. So far the sanctions and prohibitions put and threatened on Russia have not helped prevent any sort of tensions or attempt at peace, as Russian troops continue to fight Ukrainian soldiers. The only verbal confirmation so far has come from Biden who clearly laid out that the U.S. is not going to aid Kyiv on the battlefield at any cost.