The province of Canada, Quebec which has been leading the country in coronavirus infection and death has surpassed the 55,500 figure on Wednesday.

The province recorded more 66 cases adding to its number of death toll since the pandemic originally hunkered down in March.

The novel virus has killed 5.527 people just in the province of Canada which is more than half of the COVID-19 death toll in the whole country. On Wednesday from 66 reported cases 24 died.

Due to the high mortality rate, the number of people residing in intensive care of hospitals has reduced. There are 422 overall patients in the hospitals infected with COVID-19 and 33 of them are in extreme care, reduced from 38.

Montreal, the focal point of the infection’s flare-up in Canada, remains the hardest-hit district by the pandemic. There are 27,327 cases and 3,392 passing have been accounted for.

The government tested 6,770 people on 29th June as per the last report. The establishment has recognized they are not conducting enough tests each day as they should.

But they are prepared and can quickly expand the testing of the virus flare-up again.

Quebec is making facemasks obligatory on open travel starting on July 13 over the area to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus beforehand a potential second wave.

Quebec coronavirus cases top 55,500 as hospitalizations continue to drop

It’s an issue of regard for the province that has arrived at another progression in its battle against COVID-19, the sickness brought about by the infection.

There will be a changeover period. Travelers will have fourteen days to adjust to the new routine and might be banished from utilizing open travel if they are not wearing a facemask beginning July 27. They won’t be fined though but they have to be cautious.

Authorities have pushed wearing a facemask in circumstances where there are more chances of physical contact.

The face-covering will be mandatory only during traveling; however, the authorities are still considering the option to make facemask compulsory in all the public spaces in the future.

Dr. Horacio Arruda, director of Quebec public health, encouraged and urged people to wear masks and said that it is not normal but it should become a reflex to keep safe.

He asked people to stand on their guard and take precautionary measures in the face of the expected 2nd wave of COVID-19.

He said doing so will save lives if the virus keeps on pouring in the next few months.