The royal family of Britain was rocked a few weeks ago by the controversial interview of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle with Oprah Winfrey.  The Duke and Duchess of Sussex accused the royal family of demeaning them with racial remarks. Meghan had also claimed that the royal family did not take her mental health issues seriously.

In an official statement, the Queen expressed her full support for the pair who moved to America, leaving the royal life behind.

An insider of the royal family has claimed that the Queen is extremely unhappy over the interview episode and does not want a family conflict to take a toll on the affairs of the state at this stage of her reign.

During the interview, Harry had clarified that his grandmother and Prince Phillip were not behind the concerns they had, which eventually made them leave the family. He further claimed that a senior member of the royal family talked to him directly about the skin tone of his unborn child.

Prince Harry exclaimed that he has a strained relationship with brother Prince William and father Prince Charles at the moment. He further revealed that at one point, his father had stopped taking his phone calls.

In a public statement after the much-hyped interview, the Queen had claimed that her grandson, Markle, and Archie would always be much-loved family members and that the claims of racism are taken very seriously and they were to be addressed by the family in private.

She further claimed that the whole family was highly saddened to learn about the troublesome experiences Harry and Meghan had to go through.

Being the head of the royal family, Prince Philip has dealt with such issues in the past, while Queen Elizabeth has always been concerned about the political affairs of the country.