Queen Elizabeth of the U.K. is privately funding her son’s sex abuse case charges- as per reports on Friday, October 1.

Prince Andrew, the Duke of York was previously accused of the sexual abuse of a minor and has been reportedly getting handsome financial support from his mother. According to the news, Queen Elizabeth is privately dealing with this case paying his son for his legal case as he currently has “no discernible income”.

The news published by Telegraph, also highlighted that the annual income of the Queen for her Duchy of Lancaster estate is currently being used to pay the annual legal fees which are approximately a cost of $2000 per hour.

The entire legal cost for the legal battle case is expected to be in the millions which are currently being paid by Queen Elizabeth as the lawsuit will probably continue for months or years maybe.

It was also suggested by the media outlet that “Queen Elizabeth has already spent ‘millions of pounds even though the case is just getting started”.

Queen Elizabeth, also agreed to pay her son’s case fees back in 2020 shortly after Prince Andrew was interviewed on BBC “Newsnight”. The interview was taken by a wide panel of journalists and critics who said that the Prince was very insensitive towards the victims. After that interview, the prince also stepped back from all the royal duties and made himself a low profile to keep his matters more private.

What were the accusations against Prince Andrew?

The Prince was previously being sued for sexually assaulting a girl who was only 17 by Virginia Giuffre. It was claimed she was bought to the U.K. for Prince to have sex with while she was a minor.

The case further proves that Giuffre was also abused by Prince at the London home in the U.S. Virgin Islands and Manhattan. It is also claimed the prince was engaged in other sexual acts without her consent and she was labeled as a “sex-trafficking victim”.

However, Prince denied all claims for which he was charged.