Reba McEntire wants people to take the Covid-19 virus seriously. The actress recently took to her Tik Tok Livestream to inform fans about her and her boyfriend, actor Rex Linn testing positive for the virus. McEntire claimed that this diagnosis came as a shock as the duo had been fully vaccinated.

According to McEntire, the entire year has been hard, and “it’s getting rougher again.” Near the end of the live stream, she advised all her fans to take all safety measures and do as much as they can to protect themselves from the deadly virus.

The 66-year-old actress also went on to preach the importance of staying safe and healthy in light of the current circumstances. She added how the experience of catching Covid-19 is not even the slightest of fun.

Additionally, Reba McEntire mentioned how the virus has gotten the best of her and her partner Rex. Thus, she informed viewers of the inherent importance of taking safety measures, regardless of their vaccination status.

The actress has confirmed that theirs is a perfect example of those “breakthrough cases” that have become increasingly prevalent in people these days. According to the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, these cases refer to the people who have contracted the virus even after being vaccinated.

In recent times, breakthrough cases have become a major concern for hospitals and doctors alike, due to the onset of the Delta variant. However, vaccinated individuals are less likely to contract severe illnesses and subsequent death from Covid-19.

Many states across America are now being asked to reinstate mask mandates and other safety measures to curb the spread of the contagious virus. The illness of actress Reba McEntire is another example of a breakthrough case and is reason enough for American citizens to practice safety measures in all that they do.