Rebel Wilson is ready to step into Summer with her all-new beach body. The Pitch Perfect Actress was seen celebrating the Memorial Day weekend “Palm Beaching” in a black bathing suit, as seen in her Instagram post. Pairing her outfit with a light blue hat and sunglasses, she added her desire to “move to Florida now.”

The 41-year-old actress has reportedly lost over 60 pounds of weight since last year, declaring it as “the year of health.” Wilson adopted a new diet and exercise routine in 2020 and the fantastic results can be seen in her breath-taking pictures. She hit her 165-pound weight goal in November.

While appearing on “Good Morning America” in March, Rebel Wilson spoke about the challenges faced when losing weight. She spoke about her successful journey with weight loss so far, but added the real task was to “keep it off.” “I’ve lost a bit of weight here and there, but never kept it off,” stated Wilson.

Pitch Perfect star Rebel Wilson ready to “move to Florida now,” says the 41-year-old actressThe actress also acknowledged her incessant struggle with “emotional eating.” Even after shedding off a few pounds, Wilson affirms the difficulties faced by her in maintaining a clean diet. With Easter right around the corner, the Bridesmaid star claimed to have been going “crazy” to stop herself from eating the popular easter eggs.

However, Rebel Wilson seemed to be proud of where she has come so far, especially fulfilling her goal of doing a “whole life transformation” in a difficult year like 2020. The star later took to Instagram Live to speak out about her success. Wilson mentioned how each person has a particular body type, and the type of diet depends on one’s type and preferences.

Keeping her body type in mind, she clarified that she has to stay under the 1500 calorie mark each day if she wishes to lose pounds that particular week. With most of her goals being accomplished, Rebel Wilson is now entering into what she calls a “maintenance phase,” where she can eat below 2000 to 2500 calories as her exercise regime is rigorous.

Despite her big transformation, Wilson debunks all ideal dieting standards. According to the actress, her weight loss does not define consistency in her diet pattern. She clarifies how she doesn’t eat healthy every day but makes a consistent effort to prioritize her health first. Her body responds well to protein, and hence, the star has declared to “concentrate on it.”

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