People have different priorities and needs from chairs or such furniture they spend a good part of the day on. A more or less unanimous requirement is comfort, but even comfort can mean different things for different people. This is why a reclining gaming chair with footrest is a must-have for many for a comfortable sprawl in their study/bedroom or wherever else they prefer to keep it.

There are many reasons why you should get an ergonomic chair in the first place, but mostly because it considers both of these things you are looking for, a reclining back along with the footrest. An ergonomic chair is intentionally designed to be suited best for your body, supporting it when you need it most. Most of the time you spend on your computer is spent getting lost in whatever task you are performing, you cannot focus on keeping your back straight or the likes of good body posture. This is where a good ergonomic chair does its job, i.e. support and keep you comfortable throughout your time on it.

Many people have multiple other things they expect and want out of a gaming chair. Since the technology aspect has given a free rein to our imagination and the boundaries of possibility have expanded, people expect more out of products. This is fair because what good is innovation if it’s not serving the collective advantage.

But if you want a more or less basic chair that offers all the standard features of a gaming chair in the market, you have come to the right place. This guide will include some top chairs in this category, with many options that have additional features. The price range is wider than other price-constrained guides because this focuses on the 2 features and chairs that include the best of both. Go into this guide prepared to learn about various brands because it includes suggestions from all different known and unknown brands. It focuses on the product and not the brand name, you might find some cheap options that are very budget-friendly solely because they are so underrated. Let’s get started.

1. RESPAWN RSP-110 Racing Style Gaming Chair

Respawn is a brand that manufactures innovative and affordable gaming equipment for everyone instead of focusing on one main demographic. They believe comfortable gaming shouldn’t be restricted to a selected few. They use their years of expertise with ergonomic design to develop gaming furniture that is comfortable enough for anyone using it.

Key features

To start the key features with the most important one in this guide, the infinite angle lock of the reclining control. It lets you choose your angle and maintain it using the lock as you please from 90 – 155 degrees.

The footrest is not just sturdy and keeps your feet upright, it is also extendable in case you want to stretch your legs out.

The adjustable features extend to the lumbar support and the headrest pillow too, keeping it maintained according to your neck and preference.

The weight capacity on the chair is 275 pounds that is made for long-term use, however, there have been complaints about deflated seats in the case of people with higher weight using it.

The race-car style chair has a premium design with its bonded leather material and contorted seat that is made to support you properly.

  • Great price with available features
  • Quick customer service by Respawn
  • A firm footrest that keeps your feet upright
  • Does not seem to be that reliable in the long run
  • The armrests can get uncomfortable

2. YITAHOME Massage Gaming Chair

YITAHOME is an online brand that focuses on making fashionable and practical home furniture. They integrate their R&D into developing furniture that is good for their customers, improving their overall online shopping experience. They also promote productivity through their development process of the products, including technology in their manufacturing. Their work is also largely based on a customer-oriented process that takes feedback to improve their products.

Key features

YITAHOME claims to provide a deluxe gaming experience with this one. And rightly so, with advanced massage cushions that ease your back pain in any positions

The non-allergenic and waterproof PU Leather adds to the overall comfort of the design. The metal frame and cushioned seat as well as backrest are all integrated to create a comfortable environment while you are on the chair

The maximum weight capacity on the chair is 380 pounds that is much higher than the standard available in the market, which is often below 300

The reclinable backrest goes up to 155°, with removable headrest and neck cushions

The durable casters make multidirectional mobility possible without sound or scratch on your floor

The top complaints that have come for it are for the top cushion that does not secure well often, which in features terms is not that big a flaw if you consider all the pros this chair has

  • High weight capacity of 380lbs
  • Massage cushions included
  • Adjustable and versatile functionality
  • The top cushion does not secure well

3. Ficmax Massage Gaming Chair

Ficmax is a brand usually trusted because it is formed by a bunch of gamers themselves. They focus on creating exclusively unique designs in gaming chairs. Their 6 years of production gives them that air of a professional manufacturer of products that are advanced and better with each update. They put quality and care into developing these special ergonomic chairs according to their website.

Key features

Ficmax is a brand that focuses on making design integral to their products when many strays away from it more often than not

The PU Leather is fade and dirt resistant with high-density memory foam to make the seat extra comfortable

The weight capacity on this one is 350 lbs with a full metal frame that keeps it stable throughout your time on it

It doesn’t just have an adjustable backrest or footrest but also armrests. They are all made to be adjusted according to your preference

One common issue is with the length of the footrest that might not be completely extendable for people with longer limbs

  • More than 5 color options
  • Massage pillows included
  • Footrest might not be suitable for long legs

4. VICTONE Gaming Racing Office Computer Chair

Victone is a gaming equipment manufacturer that essentially makes these racing car style chairs, other recliners, tables, and desks. Their product portfolio is equally diverse yet rooted in furniture that is both smart and innovatively comfortable for the users.

Key features

The Victone gaming chair is a luxury-focused product that is focused mainly on being a simple yet premium quality product for the users

It has an ergonomic design that enables users to adjust the headrest and waist rest accordingly. Additionally, the extendable footrest makes for perfect support for your feet

The added multi-functionality comes from the adjustable armrests that also go left or right. The seat height can be adjusted a good 3 inches according to your preference.

The large and spacious design adding to the overall 300 lbs weight capacity makes the chair comfortable for people with different weights. The footrest can be comparatively smaller for people with long limbs

There have been occasional complaints regarding the assembling process, even though it comes with clear and compressible instructions to assemble. It is recommended to use another pair of hands because the different parts of the chair are what make it difficult to assemble alone

Lastly, it is considered durable both by the manufacturers who put in a clear effort to make it lasting, as well as some users who commented on its good wear and tear ability.

  • 3D adjustable backrest and armrest
  • Multifunctional and durable
  • Smaller footrest
  • Complicated to assemble by one person

5. BestOffice Ergonomic Office Chair

If you have bought furniture before, you may have heard of BestOffice. They make all kinds of home, office, and gaming furniture. They talk about creating great experiences with their products, using affordability as the main factor in their products. Their home and lifestyle furnishings are all made for customers who are fans of add-ons, accessories, and furniture that can be useful and fashionable.

Key features

This easy to assemble ergonomic chair by BestOffice is one built for all-day comfort

It is thickly cushioned, covered with premium PU Leather. The adjustable lumbar support and headrest are both there to protect your back and neck from getting tired while you spend your time on the chair

The design is not just for the aesthetics, but carefully crafted to make sure it supports your body appropriately

The metal frame of the chair is BIFMA-approved, with 360-degree swivel ability and a weight capacity of 250 lbs

The complaints about the lift are not unanimous or even common, but there have been occasional issues with it, it might be an issue fueled due to the lower weight capacity

The chair is however easy to assemble using the instructions provided

There are also more than 5 color options to choose from that can help widen your range if you are too concerned about the aesthetics

  • All-day comfort chair designed to last
  • Available in 7 different colors
  • Unique design in a lower price range
  • The hydraulic lift seems to get stuck at times
  • Difficult to find replacement parts

6. RESPAWN OMEGA-Xi Fortnite Gaming Chair

Respawn has already been introduced but the company is a good one, specifically for a reclining gaming chair with footrest. They make both gaming chairs and desks that are not just inexpensive so a large number of people can afford them, but also a good quality to not compromise on the good part. Their main promise is to always keep the customer first and make no compromises in providing everything to satisfy them.

Key features

With a weight capacity of 275 lbs, this OMEGA-Xi Fortnite Gaming Chair by Respawn is a good option to have in this price range

This racing style chair is a perfect fusion of luxury and comfort no matter what it’s used for

The integrated headrest makes the neck and head utterly comfortable. The segmented padding on the high back and the extendable footrest need only add to the comfort

This is a Fortnite-Omega themed chair that is elegant in its design and colors

The reclinable option goes up to 90 – 155 degrees, giving you plenty of room to make your back comfortable at its best position, along with padded armrests that keep your arms well-rested as well

  • Comfortably durable
  • High back with segmented padding
  • Stain-resistant long-wearing material
  • Tends to make a certain knocking noise while in use

7. OHAHO Gaming Chair Racing Style

OHAHO is a company that focuses its energy on producing reliable products. They want to commit to the reliability aspect by giving products that can be relied on rather than talking about it. So far their products are limited to gaming chairs that are made to satisfy the users. Maybe this is part of the entire mission to make their customers 100% happy, it is a possibility, but that means they do not have a very diverse product portfolio for you to choose from.

Key features

To start with, yes the design is exceptionally good. This OHAHO gaming chair is pretty elegant, with 8 different color options to choose from

The leather material is long-lasting and made to bear the wear and tear of daily use. Adding to the ergonomic effect is the high-density thick sponge that is lined within the seat

The backrest is adjustable to 90-180 degrees, making it easy to just choose your working/playing position as you want

The assembly issue is a concern that puts off people, but the process becomes worth it when you can use the said chair

The footrest is extendable as is the adjustable neck cushion, rounding out the entire comfort aspect of it

  • 8 different color options
  • Massage cushion to aid the backrest
  • 30 days-12 month product warranty on condition
  • Takes a long while to assemble

8. VON RACER Massage Gaming Chair

Von Racer is another gaming chair manufacturer that makes advanced but affordable gaming equipment. This one is one of their high-back racing car-style gaming chairs.

Key features

This underrated Von Racer Massage Gaming Chair is a great design and quality available at this price.

The back cushion comes with an implant electric massager that helps you reduce back pain or fatigue

The extendable and retractable footrest, 360-degree swivel, and 90°~135° reclinable back all add to the chair’s comfortable presence while you work or play

It is incredibly easy to assemble with the instructions that it comes with, and as vouched by many reviewers as well

The weight capacity is 250lbs but people with higher weight can use it due to its sturdy build and contorted design

  • Multifunctional massage cushion
  • Inexpensive and premium quality
  • 8 color variants
  • 1-year warranty
  • Smaller armrests

9. HEALGEN Back Massage Gaming Chair with footrest

HEALGEN is a company that believes in evolving and improving its products as customer preferences bend and change. Their advanced product line consists of high-end racing-style chairs designed for both gamers and office use.

Key features

  • This HEALGEN racing-style gaming chair has a 350 lbs weight capacity that makes the chair accessible to people with a different weight capacity
  • The reclining back goes around till 90 – 155 degrees, the headrest is adjustable, and there’s a massage back with the lumbar cushion
  • Along with the seat height adjustment, there is the extendable footrest and 360 degrees swivel rotation option, giving you plenty of room to move around while in your chair
  • The premium PVC leather adds to the overall ergonomic design of the chair 
  • 5 function lumbar pillow
  • Back massage function
  • Exceptional customer service
  • The seat cushion can be a little too firm for some

10. RESPAWN RSP-900 Racing Style Reclining Gaming Chair

Respawn again yes, but for good reason. We could not miss out on the very unique and very great RSP-900. So far you might have plenty of ideas about the credentials of this company that vouches to make products that are manufactured to last. They want to make comfortable gaming accessible to all and it’s quite showing. Look at our last suggestion and decide for yourself.

Key features

This seat/chair is a very different addition to this list where all the others are mostly racing-style chairs. This Respawn chair is a very comfortable and cozy chair with a removable headrest pillow, segmented padding seat, and a reclining function

It has a removable side pouch as well as a cup-holder, a total game-changer for many buyers

With a continuous footrest, the seat is just a bed of comfortable cushion

Weight capacity of 275 lbs and 360 degrees swivel keeps the chair as free to move as any other one you might choose in the list

  • Has a removable side pouch
  • Comfortable segmented padding on the seat
  • 5 color variants
  • Continuous footrest with the seat can be a problem