After saying a remark that had anti-gay context on the radio on Wednesday night, Reds commentator Thom Brennaman was banned from playing on Cincinnati football, causing the team to condemn for the anti-gay comment.

In the first game of a doubleheader at Kansas City, Brennaman said the slur minutes after the Fox Sports Ohio broadcast resumed from an ad break before the seventh inning screening. It did not appear to Brennaman that he was still on television. He accepted his fault later on.

In the fifth inning of the second match, the Reds pulled Thom off the show, giving Jim Day his responsibilities as an alternate person.

Thom Brennaman got suspended by Reds for using an anti-gay slur

The management responded that the commentator’s horrible, anti-gay comment saddened the organization of the Cincinnati Reds. As a result, Brennaman has dragged off the screen and was subsequently prohibited from broadcasting for Reds.

They further said that this incident does not reflect their coaches, players, company, or supporters in any way. In Kansas City, Cincinnati, all over this nation, and even beyond, they express our heartfelt condolences to the LGBTQ+ community.

For racism or bigotry of some sort, the Reds don’t support and tolerate any anti-gay comments. They apologized sincerely if the public has felt insulted.

In a release, Fox Sports Ohio stated that it complied with the ban. They have noted that Brennaman’s comment was hateful, insulting, and it does not represent the network’s standards in any way.

After apologizing straight on the camera before doing his duty on the play, Brennaman started the fifth inning.

GLAAD claimed that Brennaman’s apology was inadequate and his words were not enough in his statement on Thursday.