Republican Congressman from Texas, Ron Wright has died of health complications after testing positive for the COVID-19. Wright died on Sunday night at the age of 67 after several days of being infected with the coronavirus.

The Republican lawmaker was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2019.

Wright announced his diagnosis on January 21, when he indicated that he had mild symptoms but was later hospitalized, and his condition started worsening shortly after.

For the past several years, the Republican congressman had maintained a rigorous work schedule both on Capitol Hill and at his home in Texas, while receiving cancer treatment. He will be remembered as a staunch conservative constitutionalist.

Two weeks ago, Wright and his wife Susan were admitted to Hospital, in Dallas, after suffering from health complications due to the virus infection.

Ron Wright was first elected to Texas’ sixth congressional district in 2018 and leaves behind his wife Susan, children, and grandchildren.

Wright was previously a council member from Arlington and served as the Director of the Tarrant County Tax Office.

He was a member of the United States Committee on Education and Labor. In his last days as a legislator, he supported several bills, including one that prohibits medical abortions through the use of telemedicine.

Ron Wright, Republican from Texas, has become the first sitting congressman to die of complications related to the coronavirus.

Previously, Rep. Luke Letlow passed away late last year as a result of COVID-19 complications shortly before taking the office.

Many Republican leaders, including Sen. John Cornyn, have praised Wright’s passion for public service.

Since the pandemic began to affect the United States, more than 27 million infections have been reported in the country.