Giving away his first interview after receiving a pardon from President Trump, the master of political dark arts Roger Stone expressed his gratitude for being forgiven by the president and honored him by comparing Trump with Abraham Lincoln’ for being so generous.

Roger Stone spoke to the journalist during an interview and said that he is in debt to God for providing the courage and strength to the president to stand up for what is right.

President Trump granted a full pardon to the Republican strategist Robert Stone 68, who was convicted for the seven felonies in November last year. According to the reports, the felonies include witness tampering, making false statements, and creating hindrances in the investigation of Russia’s involvement in the 2016 election.

Republican Strategist Roger StoneThe document charging against Stone included the massive details about the false statements he made to Congress about his involvement in WikiLeaks. The document also includes his communication with a radio host Randy Credico and the commentator Jerome Corsi for dumping of WikiLeaks document in 2016 summer. Moreover, it also details the efforts of Stone to prevent Credico from participating in the FBI’s investigations and testifying to congress.

He believed that the authorities who carried out the investigation against him had no solid evidence showing that he had knowledge in advance about WikiLeaks. On the basis of a flawed investigation, he was accused of lying to Congress. Expressing his thoughts about Donald Trump, he said that he is the greatest president after Abraham Lincoln who can actually stand up for what is right.

President Donald Trump dissolved Stone’s sentencing in July this year, saying that it’s very unfair when the ones who are actually responsible for the charges are free to go away with it, and people with no evidence against them receive charges. Trump felt this as a disgrace to society and he believes that the departments who convey these verdicts are an insult to the country.

Not only to the Stone, but President Trump also pardoned 26 other people including a real-estate businessman Charles Kushner, who is the father of Jared Kushner (Trump’s son-in-law) who pleaded guilty back in 2005, two associates that were convicted of making a false claim to FBI, and to four other Blackwater Guards responsible for a massacre in Iraq.