Many of the Republicans are acknowledging that Biden is going to be the next President of America, dwindling support for Trump’s voter fraud allegations.

Republicans from the White House as well as Congress have mentioned the transition that will soon take place. The national security adviser claims that he will ensure the transition of power is as professional as possible from the National Security Council.

The chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee has also referred to Biden’s victory in a recent interview. He shares that since he’s worked at the White House, this is his second transition between two different political parties. He goes on to explain that the dynamics of the new administration are completely different.

Sen. Marco Rubio also mentioned Biden’s victory. He was asked in an interview about the president-elect assigning the role of the next director of national intelligence to a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee. He responded that it is Biden’s decision.

He also continued to comment that the probability of Biden’s victory being certified is very high.

Sen. Roger Wicker has also encouraged that Biden should be given security briefings. Sen John Cornyn also spoke on the matter, explaining that even if the voter fraud allegations were proved, the votes would not be enough to surpass Biden’s lead in many of the key battleground states.

Senator Roger WickerThe Governor of Ohio also remarked that from the results reported by several media outlets, Biden is the next president, and it’s essential now that the transition of power be initiated. Trump was infuriated by this comment and threatened the governor on Twitter.

Many of the Republicans were concerned after Trump’s reaction that if they say anything against him, they will receive threats as well. A senator warned Republicans that Trump could just as easily turn against them as well if they try to oppose him.

Trump’s lawyers are also starting to back out from his lawsuits. Recently, three of his lawyers withdrew from the Pennsylvania election case just before the court hearing.

Trump recently sent out a tweet that seemed like an acknowledgment of Biden’s victory, where he claimed Biden won and continued the tweet with a slew of voter fraud allegations. However, he posted later that his tweet does not mean he concedes the election and they still have a long way to go to win.