Cities run by the Democrats have been criticized by Donald Trump and his allies for being a hub of criminal activity such as violence, looting, and rioting.

However, according to reports, the Democratic-run cities contribute to one-third of the growth of the US economy whereas Republic-run cities indicate lower productivity.

There is a shocking and swiftly growing divergence in the economy of the Democratic and Republican states. Democratic-led states also show a rapidly increasing rate of education and income, however, the same cannot be said for the Republican areas where the rates are plunging.

According to studies, the dwindling economic conditions are a result of the vast and growing gap between the Democrats and the Republicans in GOP voting districts.

Moreover, Trump’s base of white blue-collar workers has been severely affected by free trade and overdose of opioids as well as suicides resulting from alcohol poisoning.

In addition to this, Democratic cities which are high tax states fund the low-tax states of the Republicans with billions of dollars going to the federal government.

Even though Trump and his allies claim that the policies of the Democrats incite violence, even a superficial survey of American crime says otherwise.

republicans-claim-democratic-led-cities-are-the-hub-for-violent-crimesWhen Bill Clinton was the president, crime rates were reduced at an astounding rate. Moreover, during President Obama’s tenure, the violent crime rate reached its lowest point in two decades.

According to a study, only 5% of the large city streets of the US represent 50% of the crime rate. These small neighborhoods are not the only places inhabited by the Democrats hence this proves as a loophole in the Republican claim as well.

Republican policies that encourage racial and cultural division have played a bigger role in inciting violence than anything else.

The crime rates have been constantly low in the largest cities of America hence Trump’s conspiracy that the Democratic policies incite violence is not true.

Trump has blamed the surge in violence on left-wing extremist groups and the Antifa movement. However, according to the Department of Homeland Security, after the murder of George Floyd by the police, criminal opportunists were the culprits in the rioting that took place.

Republicans have also criticized the Democrats for not prosecuting the rioters and looters. However, facts state otherwise. Almost 10,000 instigators of violence were arrested in protests.