Are you a gaming enthusiast? Do you spend your free time occupied navigating the paths to your crime partner on screen? If you are, then the constant gaming may be giving you backache. Sitting in one position and focusing on a small screen is bound to end up badly- unless you purchase a dedicated gaming chair.

At present, there are several different gaming chairs in the market. From the respawn 110 gaming chair to the Vitesse chair, the variety of unique products will not leave you disappointed. Although these are marketed as gaming chairs, they can be used by anyone for various purposes.

Why Choose the Respawn 110 Gaming Chair?

The Covid-19 wave has drastically impacted the lives of people. Apart from social distancing and mask mandates, the pandemic has also brought a new work setting with itself. Gone are the days where employees spent their weeks in the office. With the precautionary measures in play, people have now adapted to the work-from-home routine.

Although the concept of working at home sounds appealing, it may become tiresome if not managed well. Individuals working from their place of residence are in dire need of an environment that not only motivates them to work efficiently, but also aids in achieving goals comfortably.

This “comfortable” work environment will not be possible while lying on the bed or the lounge sofa. It may even result in a variety of different issues such as extreme back pain, persistent headache, and a steady temper.  In such a case, you can opt for purchasing the respawn 110 gaming chair which will not only help you to work at a steady pace but also keep you relaxed.

Thus, if you are a gaming fanatic or a work-from-home employee, the respawn 110 gaming chair is your go-to solution. Of course, there are numerous other brands in the market and your decision may be blurred by the vast range of options available.

Here are a few reasons to pick the gaming chair developed by Respawn.

Respawn – A Brand of its Own

With several years of expertise under their belt, Respawn is skilled in making the best quality furniture for people across the globe. From durable tables to specially-purposed chairs, the brand has been one of the true pioneers of creating dedicated furniture.

The best part about Respawn is the supreme quality of its products. People usually tend to invest a large sum of their money in furniture. They don’t like to keep refurbishing these products and prefer long-term solutions at hand. Thus, Respawn’s products promise exactly that; with the best components and their motto of no compromise on quality, the furniture is a must-buy!

Let’s take a closer look at the specifications of the chair, and how they matter in providing the best sitting experience, during work, or play.


ProductRespawn 110 gaming chair
Colors AvailableGray, Black, Blue, Pink, Black, Green, Purple, Red, White, Forest Camo
Seat MaterialPU Leather
Weight Capacity      46.5 pounds
Seat Dimensions21.22” W x 21.22” D 
Backrest Dimensions20.83” W x 30.65” H
Additional FeaturesAdjustable lumbar support, extendable footrest, fixed armrests, infinite angle lock

Key Features

Premium Seating

This chair has been designed with the best material to ensure a smooth seating experience for its users.  With special attention to intricate details, the chair has been constructed whilst keeping the racecar-like position in mind. Resultantly, players can enjoy the comfort of sitting in a real-time luxury race car seat.

With the best quality leather in place, the respawn 110 gaming chair serves as a durable seating arrangement for you and your loved ones. It has a 275-pound weight capacity and can thus be used for a much longer time. The best part about this chair is that it comes in a variety of different colors. From dark red to light gray, the gaming chair serves as the perfect piece for your room.

Despite being available in an array of different colors, the chair has continued to maintain its professional look. Whether you set it up in your special gaming room or keep it as a support in your bedroom, it will stand out amongst other pieces of furniture.


A key feature of the respawn 110 gaming chair is that it provides additional support to the player that helps enhance the overall gaming experience. Thus, whilst using a much more comfortable chair, you can not only play but also work better.

The multifunctionality feature allows you to find the ideal position by raising or lowering your chair. It also offers elaborate reclining support between 90-155 degrees with numerous other locking positions. The soft, heavily padded armrests work in cohesion with the chair as it moves around and reclines effectively.

Whether you use it as a full gaming chair or consider it as work support, the chair can do wonders for your body and overall performance.

Massive Comfort

While the premium comfort of this gaming chair has been established earlier, it is important to note that the comfort also extends to its maintenance. To clean the seat, all users need to do is just wipe the surface of the chair to remove any stains that may have been shrouding the cover.

As far as the comfort of the seat is concerned, it provides an ease to users who spend hours gaming or working for the office. In its entirety, the chair is quite comfortable and you can easily play, work or just plainly sit for hours without a problem.


One of the plausible reasons why Respawn has come to be known as such a popular brand is because of its warranty and excellent support service. With active all-year-round customer service, respawn stands out from its competitors in a variety of different ways.

It has a loyal and dedicated customer support force. Hence, if you ever face a problem with your chair, just contact the company’s team and your issue will be resolved within minutes. As far as the warranty bit is concerned, Respawn provides a limited warranty for its products. However, don’t let the “limited” aspect dissuade you from investing in the product. There are several exceptions to the warranty and thus, you can easily purchase the seat without any fear.

Respawn 110 Gaming Chair: Only a Gamer’s Heaven?

The name of the product may be a bit misleading at first. Of course, the chair has been designed with the best of ability for die-hard gamers who engage in long hours over the computer. The entire idea behind designing a special chair for gamers is to give them a feel of the real gaming experience. Using a gaming chair may sound like an abstract concept for novices, but for gamers, it’s the real deal. The exhilaration, anxiety, rush of nerves, and occasional racing of the heart- that’s what gamers feel when they play whilst sitting on gaming chairs.

However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the chair is meant for passionate gamers only. As established before, it can be used for other purposes as well. Whilst gamers can experience the feel of paradise on this chair, workaholics can relax and work with ease. In light of the current Covid-19 situation, a so-called gaming chair may just work well for people who have a makeshift office at home. By sitting on bedroom couches, their body posture may be getting compromised and the case may be similar to the work being produced. Thus, their savior may come in the form of this gaming chair. They can not only work while being relaxed but also be able to produce better quality results at work.

  • A long-lasting chair
  • Ergonomic style made to withstand frequent sitting
  • A 4D adjustability that can be used per convenience
  • Race car style design helps users get the real experience
  • A little on the pricier end
  • Made of bonded leather that can come off if misused

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a sustainable gaming chair, the Respawn 110 gaming chair is a good option. However, before making your final decision, it is important to conduct a detailed survey of the market. There are a good number of options available, both in-store and online. To make an informed decision, try considering your preferences. Make a mental assessment of your schedules, wants, and personal preferences, and then choose to make a final decision.