Have you ever bought a gaming chair before? Depending upon your answer to this question, your search for one may get affected now, because this is about one specific chair. The Respawn 900. There are many options available in the market, some more likable than others. This is why we’re here to give you objective gaming chair reviews.

This is the third edition after the previous Devoko and Vitesse Chair reviews.

There is much to consider for a piece of furniture on which you are going to spend a considerable chunk of your time. To choose the right gaming chair, know that the point of a gaming chair, much less a reclining chair, is to keep you comfortable and relaxed for all the hours that you spend on it. Everything else is an added benefit.

Respawn – Purpose

Respawn is dedicated to making gaming furniture for everyone out there, no matter how big or small of a gaming life they have because: “In gaming, RESPAWN believes there is a place for everyone. Whether you are a late-night gamer, stream consumer, mobile game player, or somewhere in between, we are constantly working and creating for you.”

You might wonder what specialty this chair holds that it is named specifically as a gaming chair. Well, the above statement directly from the company proves that this company makes innovative and creative assisting products with every thought and preference of a gamer in mind.

Apart from their concrete goals from the products they manufacture, another reason to choose them over other manufacturers is, the quality of their product. While keeping all the basics of a good product in focus, such as reliability, durability,, and customer satisfaction, they put a spin on whatever gaming element they want to focus on, to bring you innovative solutions to your gaming needs.

Respawn Reclining Gaming Chair – 900

The Respawn-900 is a part of the company’s diverse set of chairs available for gaming. They have more categories from Mesh chairs, Upholstery chairs, Footrest chairs, to Console chairs. The respawn 900 is the dream chair if you are looking for amplified comfort. Many people do not prefer the carefully sculpted seats of gaming chairs. And this one carefully gives you just that, without compromising the aspect of comfort you look for, in a chair, you ought to spend more hours sitting than anywhere else. Let’s look at each of its specifications and see which ones make it worth a buy and vice versa.


ProductRespawn 900 Racing Style Reclining Gaming Chair
Available ColorBlack, Blue, Grey, White, Red
Seat MaterialLeather
Weight Capacity275 Pounds
Item weight36.6 pounds
Dimensions27.56 x 25.6 x 42.13 inches
Additional package itemsGaming Recliner
Adjustable BackrestReclines up to 135-degrees

Many specifications in this are not entirely beneficial for the users, or at least that’s apparent from the reviews online. There are pros and cons to this chair, which is to say it is not an entirely perfect product. Instead of generic chair features, we analyze how the chair’s specific features add to its value. Here’s everything you need to know particularly about which of the features are pros and which ones make it a less worthy investment. Spoiler alert, this is an objective review, we would not be giving a review if we could not tell a good thing about a product from the bad. So brace for both praise and critique where it’s needed.


Segmented Padding and Removable Headrest

Most gaming chairs have very intensely sculpted padding to ensure a comfortable sitting experience. But as it turns out, not everyone is a fan of that type of seating where the padding is jutting into your body. Although this one is also padded segment-wise, it is not that forceful in terms of its shape. Instead, it is more lenient and open to allow space where you might need it.

However, people have noticed that because of thinner padding, the metal structure of the chair seems to make things uncomfortable after a while. You would still have to test it out to see how much it bothers you.

Moreover, the headrest is non – adjustable, which makes it difficult for taller people to take advantage of it. These two things, however, added as a benefit can turn into issues.

Continuous Surface Footrest

The defining feature of this chair is its continuous chair-to-footrest. Normally a gaming chair has a defined and separate footrest. However, the Respawn 900 comes with an adjoined footrest, which not only adds to its attractiveness from the designing perspective but also seems more comprehensive. Although the footrest is joined with the seat, the controls for both are separate, which give you full authority over how you wish to adjust it. So far everyone unanimously likes this feature and many even praise what it does to the design of the chair.

Reclining Feature

Another good one, the reclining feature. Many gaming chairs, advanced or not, have a reclining option that is very on the either-or scale. Loosely translated, that means you can recline but only until one specific angle, or not at all. But the reclining feature on this one is more flexible according to your needs. It gives you a good margin of reclining up to135-degrees so that you can choose the preferred angle that you like. This would be further amplified if the headrest option was freely adjustable, so you can recline back and raise your head enough for the screen. But for just the reclining part, it’s a good enough feature. You get used to it quite easily.

Extractable Pouch and Cup Holder

Additional features are something many gaming manufacturers try to add to make the chairs more enticing. Many have additional console space for storage, USB ports so you don’t have to leave your space to charge your devices, and other such advanced options. Compared to what others offer, this is not a great option for additional features. But it is still good in terms of convenience.

This Respawn chair has a small pouch that carefully hangs by the side, and that you can extract/remove if you like. It’s good for storage, you don’t have to get up from your chair for small things you regularly need, you can store them there. The same goes with its cup holder, it makes it easy to snack and hydrate while gaming. Nonetheless, you will have an easy and convenient gaming experience.

Weight Capacity

The chair has a weightage capacity of 275 lbs compared to what other manufacturers are aiming for, which is 300-350 lbs. However, its open and less ‘shaped’ seat will provide ample space for a large individual as well to keep them comfortable and relaxed during their gaming adventure. Moreover, know that it will work best when used within its weight capacity. You can make your deductions based on personal use.

  • Reclining feature
  • No jutting and forcedly shaped seat
  • Continuous surface footrest
  • Console game comfort
  • Extractable pouch for storage and cup holder
  • Inconsistently thin material
  • Insufficient lumbar support
  • Headrest is unadjustable

Final Thought

The above are the highlighted pros and cons of Respawn 900 as your gaming chair. No matter your intent of use, these are the specifications you sign up for, and we intend to help you get a better understanding of how that pan out when in use. Overall, to summarise the review, this is a good chair with its flaws, that is not unanimous, so there’s a chance it might depend on how a person is using it. With the occasional issues aside, it is a good enough option for $300 for different types of users.

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