“Smash and grab” robberies in California have been on the rise recently, prompting the state’s officials to issue a warning earlier this week.

However, it seems that not everyone received the message.

As per the information, on Black Friday, there were at least two similar cases in Los Angeles County, according to sources.

Police in Lakewood, California, said that at 8:30 pm on Sunday night, a gang of 15 to 20 people armed with equipment including mallets and sledgehammers invaded the Home Depot, stealing weapons like crowbars and mallets and driving away in cars that were parked outside.

Los Angeles County sheriff’s officers informed the station that the section of hammers had been totally robbed.

Thieves armed with ski masks stormed the business in as many as ten automobiles, according to KCBS-TV in Los Angeles.

According to the LA County Sheriff’s Department, the crime sparked worries that the stolen equipment may be utilized to perpetrate future robberies at other places.

According to FOX 11, the Lakewood incident is still being investigated.

A large number of people stormed into a Bottega Veneta shop in Beverly Grove, Los Angeles, on Friday and pepper-sprayed those who attempted to stop them, according to the station.

According to the station, it’s not clear how the individuals got inside the business or whether any arrests were made.

According to the city’s police chief, Michel Moore, Black Friday will see a heightened police presence in Los Angeles and other cities to battle “smash and grab” robberies and similar crimes that have been plaguing California and other areas in recent weeks.

Moore told the panel Tuesday that the LAPD will be dedicating its resources to some of the higher-end places to avoid additional acts of violence.