The frontman of Kaiser Chiefs, Ricky Wilson will not appear on the famous British reality show, I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here, anymore.

The 34 year old artist had previously been associated with facing the tough contest, though, he believes that he “wouldn’t do anything which meant I was getting judged”.

The former mentor and lead singer who coached The Voice series gasped, “Oh God no, I wouldn’t do I’m A Celebrity,” while on the show when he was asked whether he would continue taking on trials for the Australian jungle or the Welsh castle.

He laughed and said, “The thing is I’ve been on TV as a judge and if I went on and they were saying you were s*** I’d say f*** off.”

“I wouldn’t do I’m A Celeb, Masked Singer or anything – I’m too competitive” he continued.

Later, the Ruby singer revealed he would be up for shows like EastEnders.

“If they asked me to go and stand at the bar at the Queen Vic, yeah I could do that,” the singer confessed. “No-one’s judging me and saying I’ll give that lean a seven out of 10.”

He further said, thankfully for his music fans, his taking on TV shows wouldn’t mean he is putting an end to his famous indie rock band.

It’s been 20 years and the star admitted that he still loves the company of his bandmates and added, “not being in a band just seems pointless”.

“Even if we have arguments and fall out, there’d be no point stopping as we enjoy it so much. So, we will keep going.”

Since the band had not launched any music album post Duck in 2019, the front face of the band revealed that they had been caught up with Nile Rodgers as he said, “I don’t see us stopping anytime soon.”

Ricky was partly speaking about his Three Mobile campaign, which transformed the phone boxes as Black Friday is just around the corner.

The born artist was asked to pursue his artistic aspirations along with paper artists Annemarieke Kloosterhof and Andy Singleton to form a sculpture out of empty phone packaging and boxes.

He also created a one-meter high model of his dog. Later revealed he came up with this idea by taking his own interpretation of what connectivity means to him.

Ricky, who had been an art student, said, “What I found about my dog was that if I post a pic of me on Instagram I’ll get like a thousand likes, but if I post a pic of my dog I’ll get 10,000 likes so me and my dog that’s even better. People love a dog.” “I did my dog because he has connected me to lots of people. I’ve made lots of friends on the internet because they’re more interested in my dog than me.”