The 2020 elections brought with it different statements, protests, controversies, slogans, and much more. Another event has happened recently that made it to the news and is spreading like fire.

Each one of us has come across Trump’s remarks on the results of the 2020 elections. He made every possible move to turn the tables. However, they were of no use, rather they only promoted chaos.

One claim which the president made was that the vote-counting process was nothing but a fraud. He also stated that the authority left a few ballots and did not count votes correctly. Trump wanted the ballots to be recounted.

Things got settled until Bill Barr disputed Trump’s statement. The statement unfurled in a blink of an eye among the supporters of the Trump campaign, and the fire instantly spread out in the right-wing media.

Bill Barr ‘Deaf And Dumb’ After He Refutes Trump’s StanceBarr chose his words boldly and felt no hesitation in speaking what he felt was wrong or right. He mentioned that the claim of the 2020 elections being a fraud is false.

He added that it is not only false but impractical. The results of elections can’t change merely based on some fraud. It is misleading to say that such a change is dependent upon one or two ballots.

Bill Barr further said that the right-wing media feeds the audiences’ minds and makes them so rigid. The supporters can’t differentiate between the wrong and right or the foolish and logical.

The attorney continued his remarks and pointed out other wrongdoings of the right-wing media. Barr has openly commented on the conservative minds that do not go for reality-based news and information.

As a reaction, Bill Barr got hit by the right-wing media. Notably, Lou Dobbs says that Barr is injudicious to this situation. The attorney’s statement was unacceptable to Dobbs.

Besides, Greg Kelly used some harsh words to comment on Barr’s disputing statement. Kelly personally believes that Trump could have been reelected as the president in the 2020 elections.

The media that Trump used to highlight in his time came in front with a lot to say about Bill Barr. “Deaf, dumb, and blind,” says a media page while commenting on Barr’s statement.

Where many reporters and media persons have reacted, a few stopped themselves to comment on this situation. Amongst them are Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity who have not given their stances yet.