Roblox is a huge name in the gaming industry and likewise for gamers too. It is no doubt that this platform with over 15 million games available to play, is already visited and played by more than 1 billion users globally.

Moreover, Roblox is not just a usual gaming platform, but it provides the gamers with much other fun stuff like freebies, lets the gamers listen to music while gaming, etc. All of these extra features have made it a popular and household name among gamers.

However, because Roblox wants you to make an account before getting started like any other application, you need to first sign-up, and then it lets you use the goods on the platform to their full potential. Because there is this log-in and sign-up necessity, there is also one common problem among gamers and that is they forget their Roblox password and are in dire need of a Roblox password finder. And today we are exactly going to look into the Roblox password finder – and related questions such as; how to retrieve your Roblox password, how to reset your Roblox password, along with that we will also answer some of the most frequently asked questions regarding Roblox as we get through this Roblox guide.

To start with, let’s give you a short overview of Roblox and a step-by-step process for the new gamers on how to create an account on Roblox. Followed by this, we will find out about the Roblox password finder by username and we will also have a look at how Roblox creators earn money.

Without wasting more time, let’s dive into this Roblox guide that is handy for you if forgetting your password is a common issue for you like many of us.

Roblox Overview

Roblox is an online gaming platform that has millions of games available for the gamers along with its own currency, Robux, that the gamers can buy from real money and use it to buy their in-game purchases. This platform was co-founded by David Baszucki, who is a co-creator and CEO of this global gaming platform.

To access Roblox games, you can use your PCs, Android devices, iOS devices, Xbox One, and Amazon devices. Moreover, the management team is also looking forward to expanding Roblox access to other devices like PlayStation and Google Stadia.

As per the Roblox Owner, Baszucki, currently, the Roblox platform is used by more than 150 million gamers from around the world on a monthly basis and the application has been downloaded more than 100,000,000 times from Play Store, which is a huge number altogether.

If you are someone who doesn’t have a Roblox account yet, find the handy step-by-step process below. For those of you who already have one and want to retrieve your password or reset your Roblox password, then skip the part and go on to the next one below it to get directly on retrieving the password.

How to create Roblox Account? – Step-by-Step Process

Step 1: Open on your browser

Step 2: Next, click on the Sign-up option

Step 3: Fill out all the necessary information that is required, for example, your date of birth, username, gender, etc.

Step 4: Now choose a strong password with a minimum of 8 characters and don’t forget to include upper case letters, lower case letters, numbers, and symbols

Step 5: Once completing the online Sign-up form, tap on the Sign-up button

Step 6: Verify that you are not a robot and, Voila! You have successfully created your Roblox account.

Now that we have covered how to create a Roblox account for the new gamers, let’s get down to answering the questions of existing gamers who have forgotten their password and want to retrieve it or reset it.

Before you reset your password, use the below technique to see your password. This is a simple 6 steps procedure that will help you retrieve your current Roblox Password.

Retrieving: Find Roblox Lost Password – Step-by-Step

Step 1: First log out from your Roblox account if you are already logged in.

Step 2: On the log-in page you will find your username and password filled in the blocks. The password will be shown in dots and there is no way to view the password in letters.

Step 3: Now select the password from your cursor.

Step 4: Right-click on the highlighted password.

Step 5: This will bring a drop-down menu, select, “Inspect”

Step 6: This will pop up a new window on which you would be able to see your password.

Step 7: Once you see your password, log in to your account easily and remember the password for the next time.

Well, once you get your password, we recommend you reset it for security purposes. However, it is your choice, if you want to keep that password or change it. In case, if you wish to reset your password using your username, then follow the steps given below.

Resetting: Roblox Password Finder by Username – How to reset Roblox Password?

You may want to change your Roblox password for any reason, find the below how-to guide whenever you opt for a password reset. While resetting, first make sure that your Roblox account is linked with a confirmed email address, or else resetting your password will become a nightmare for you.

Once you ensure that your Roblox account is linked with a confirmed email, then compose an email via your confirmed email to [email protected]. Type your query in the subject, be it if you want to reset your password because you forgot or believe that your account was compromised. Type out a detailed yet concise email with the issue and help you require, informing the Roblox management of your scenario. You can also use screenshots to make it easier for the management to understand your issue. Moreover, also provide proof that the Roblox account for which you are typing out the email belongs to you.

Once your query reaches the management, they will provide you with a detailed step-by-step process to reset your password. After getting back your account, if you feel that your account was compromised, you can switch on the two-step verification method for the future, which will provide you a second login token on your confirmed email, so that you can verify that you are trying to log in into your Roblox account.

Roblox is a huge platform with millions of users, there are chances that hackers may try to get in to control your account, therefore, choose a strong password when you are resetting it so your account does not get.

Is Hacking the Roblox Account easy? Does Roblox Password Finder online work?

Roblox is one of the most secure global platforms that ensure your account’s safety according to the organization’s standards of privacy. However, today because of advancements in technology, there are many Roblox password finder websites that claim to help you in finding out the Roblox password for an account through easy guidance. Some of these are completely free, but some of them are paid.

You can pick any from the given choices, but remember one thing since there are millions of Roblox users, you will get the credentials that are available to most of the users who are using it. Moreover, these password finders are not 100% accurate because a majority of these are lucky guesses. These sites use various password guessing techniques to resolve the user’s query. Therefore, there is no guarantee that you would be able to find the password of Roblox users.

Furthermore, be cautious, if the online tool asks for money, we recommend not to use it, because there are many sites and software that are malicious and may cause harm to your own account or whatever device you are using it on. Therefore, don’t depend on these online password finders for Roblox too much and take necessary precautions where necessary.

Here are some of the common Roblox passwords that many use according to some top password guessing sites.

Roblox Password Guesser – Common Roblox Passwords


These are some of the common passwords that multiple users on Roblox use, therefore, if you want your account to be secure, always be vigilant and choose a password that is hard to guess unlike these.

Before we move on to the conclusion of this Roblox guide and answer the FAQs, let us answer one of the most searched queries on the internet and that is:

Can Roblox Creators earn money?

As per the financial statistics, Roblox’s revenue for 2020 was $250 million collectively, double than 2019 earnings, which is a 127% increase. As per the reports around 345,000 Roblox creators have earned from their content on the platform. However, because Roblox directly pays the developers, they only get paid when the gamers make virtual purchases.

As stated above, gamers can make these purchases via the virtual currency of Roblox. To get 400 Robux, you need to spend $5 and if you want more Robux, per se 800 Robux, then the amount increases to $10, and for 1600 Robux, $20. You can get as much gaming money as much real money you spend on it.

This was all from our side about the Roblox gaming platform. We hope that this Roblox password finder guide comes in handy. Moreover, below we are answering some of the most frequently asked questions. If your particular query is not there, then you can always ask us in the comment section and we would be happy to help you.

Roblox Password Finder – FAQs

How to find Roblox password?

If you forget your password, you can see it through the inspect element available on the browser. All you have to do is highlight the password, right-click it and tap on “Inspect”. This will easily show you your password. For a step-by-step process, refer to this article.

How to reset Roblox’s password?

To reset your Roblox password you need to make sure to link your account to a confirmed email. Through that email, compose a request to the Roblox team and you will get the procedure to reset the password if you’ve forgotten.

If you remember it then, click the settings and tap on the change password icon. Here first, put in your old password and then enter your new password twice.

How to access the Roblox account if you forgot your password?

Either use the above inspect element technique to see your password, or compose an email to the Roblox management team to take you through the reset password method. Refer to the above article for details.

Should I change the Roblox password often?

There is no need to change your Roblox password often if you have chosen a strong password and you remember it. However, it is better to keep changing it from time to time so that your account is secure from the black-hat hackers who are good at guessing, hacking, and finding out.