In SanFrancisco, the Golden State Warriors outclassed Detroit Pistons with a commanding win on Saturday, in one of the most anticipated basketball games of the season. The final score read 118-91 in favor of the Warriors.

After the game, the Pistons guard Rodney McGruder and Warriors guard Juan Toscano-Anderson were reported to be involved in a heated verbal exchange.

One of the Warriors players, Klay Thompson, who is part of the team’s TV crew for this season was on the air when the incident took place. He went on to attack McGruder by mocking him – with remarks – “he might be out of the league soon”.

During the interview, after the game, Draymond Green also attacked the Pistons guard. He was reportedly in the locker room when the incident took place.

He said that McGruder was defending Wayne Ellington and continued to ridicule him by asking when he became a ‘tough guy’. He also said that if McGruder wanted to win, he would have done something instead of coming over to the Warriors bench and attacking their guard.

Green also added that he thought the incident happened because of words exchanged between the Warriors forward Juan Toscano-Anderson and Wayne Ellington during the first half of the game.

McGruder did not comment on the issue. In this game, he only played for six minutes, securing eight points. This was in the final quarter when the Golden State Warriors already had a 30-point lead.