AGE 39
Source of Wealth Tennis
Salary/Winnings $6.3 M
Endorsements $100 M
Residence Valbella, Switzerland
Citizenship Switzerland
Marital Status Married
Children 4
Agent Tony Godsick
Agency Team B
Sponsors Barilla, Credit Suisse Group (ADS),

Mercedes-Benz, Rolex, Uniqlo,

Wilson Sporting Goods

Who hasn’t heard of the tennis fight between Rafael Nadal & Roger Federer? What a great team! Who do you support? We are definitely team Roger Federer because he is one of the few athletes who have secured a position of millionaires.

Roger Federer is one of the highest-paid and one of the top tennis players in the world. According to the Association of Tennis Professionals, he is the No.1 player of all times. The man has worked and played very hard in order to gain this position. The 39 years old player has been on top for a record 310 weeks and was ranked No.1 for consecutive 5 years. Great, right?

Not only this, Roger has secured 103 ATP singles titles. I must have got your attention on Roger Federer’s net worth right? Well, you’ll have to wait till the end!

The brands he represents:

Roger is a face we often see on our TV screens and on social media too. Not only playing tennis but Roger has been a part of many great campaigns globally.

Here we are mentioning a few. Credit Suisse, Mercedes Benz, Rolex, Nike, Uniqlo, and many more. Roger was part of Nike’s campaigns from 1994, that’s a great many years. But what got him to quit in 2018? Roger quitting Nike, what strange news? But the resources have confirmed that Uniqlo, a company that was long trying to get into the tennis world has laid its eyes on him. Yes! They are paying him $300 million per year to promote their Japanese brand.

Ever since Roger signed Uniqlo, he ditched Nike. The worst part is the RF logo is going to stay with Nike forever and is not going to follow him to Uniqlo. All these sponsorships have caused him a good worth. When you are lucky enough to be the world’s top player, you get these kinds of perks.

Roger Federer’s Net Worth:

All the winnings and all the sponsorships had him by luck. He has a net worth of almost $450 million. Not everything he earned is from playing and campaigns. But he is very popular among the crowd so people and brands invite him for events and guest speeches.

Roger’s NGO’s:

At the age of 22, Roger Federer started his own non-profit organizations. He has managed to raise almost $500 million and donated them all to educate the children of his native country Switzerland and Africa too.

Roger has a gem of a heart as he has participated in many charity games and donated all the money for the cause of the charity. He managed to raise about $2.5 million or more while playing Match of Africa 5: Silicon Valley, in 2004 after the Indian tsunami and in 2010 after Haiti and Queensland flood he played games for the sake of charity.


Roger has had many rivalries in his career like with Roddick, Murray, Safin, Agassi, Hewitt, Wawrinka, Del Potro, Nalbandian, and etc. but the most interesting one is the one with Rafael Nadal. Both of the players have played 40 games together. But fortunate enough for Roger, he managed to win most of the games. Roger secured his title of No.1 played consecutively 310 weeks, while Nadal shifted from second place to third, time by time.


No other male tennis player has won 20 major singles titles in the Open Era, and he has been in 31 major finals, including 10 in a row. He has held the world No. 1 spot in the ATP rankings for longer than any other male player. He was ranked No. 1 at the age of 36 and has won a record eight Wimbledon titles. He won five consecutive US Open titles, which is the most in the Open Era.

Playing Style:

If you can play and master the clay courts, grass courts, and hard courts, you must be Roger Federer? Aren’t you? He is the only player who is the master of all. Having won 90% of the games at the service is one of his greatest achievements. Roger is widely known for his super-speed, style, focus, powerful game and strong body moves.

The experts have named his movements a “liquid whip” after seeing his effortless great moves. Roger usually plays at the baseline but is super comfortable at the net too as he has the best wrist movements in the history of tennis. The service shot he delivers is said to be approximately 200 km/h, but definitely, he is capable of delivering 220 km/h. Oh my God! As if his speed wasn’t enough he uses slice to lure the opponents to the net and then takes advantage. The best shot he recently adopted is the shot between the legs.