The greatest rock,n’ roll band in the world, “The Rolling Stones” which was formed in London in 1962 is displeased at the actions of Trump.

They have their legal team working along with the music rights organization (BMI) to take action against the president, who has been using their music in his rallies without having any legal permit to do so.

The Stones said that they will not allow the president to use their songs for his political campaigns that spread hatred.

The Trump campaign has received a notification from BMI on the behalf of The Rolling Stones band. The notice clearly stated that if they continue using the music without authorization their actions will establish a breach of licensing agreement.

The Rolling Stones said that in case that Trump ignores the prohibition and continues, at that point he would face charges for breaking the ban and playing music that has not been authorized.

Rolling Stones Threaten to sue Trump for using their Songs at Rallies

Trump campaign has also used their music in the last elections to lift the spirits of people at their unadventurous rallies in 2016.

The Rolling Stones’ 1969 exemplary “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” was a well-known melody for his campaigns. It was played again at the end of the current election rally of Trump at Tulsa, Oklahoma.

That event was organized indoors and frowned upon by many authorities and public due to its potential to spread coronavirus.

The Rolling Stones is a very old and loved band all around the world. The family of one of their late musician “Tom Petty” said that they had given a restraining request after Trump using the song “I Won’t Back Down″ in Tulsa.

In the light of current circumstances the public, famous or infamous, is standing united against Trump. The family of Tom said that they will never allow using the legendary song to run a campaign that leaves an excessive number of Americans behind.

They stated that late Tom Petty and all his family is standing firmly against racial discrimination against any color or creed.

Other music bands and artists shave also complained in past and now about the unauthorized use of their music in Trump election campaigns. Neil Young, a Canadian-born musician was distraught and angry when he heard his songs playing in the Trump rallies.

The Grammy award winner strictly warned Trump for using his solo “Rockin’ in the free world,” which released in 1990.