Roman Reigns and Becky Lynch walk out of the Survivor Series ring victoriously as the WWE Team Raw won the Battle for Brand Supremacy on Sunday at the  Barclays Center, Brooklyn N.Y.

On Sunday, SmackDown’s Roman Reigns, the WWE Universal Champion, challenged the WWE Champion, Big E, representing team Raw in the ring at Survivor Series 2021.

Despite countless efforts that Roman Reigns made including three iconic superman punches, to keep his opponent down for three counts, the former powerlifter, representing Team Raw did not stay down and stood strong against his rival.

He gathered his strength back and rose against “The Tribal Chief”, before he kicked out Roman Reigns’ spear, and later knocked him onto the mat after making his way through the ring ropes.

However, the game was still in Reigns’ hand as the champion would be too big for Big E. He aced the game by laying one last spear on the opponent and put him down for three counts to win the game.

While in the first match on the main card, Charlotte Flair battled her ex-bestie Lynch in order to settle her score. The match took the shape of a big rivalry as the two showed their strengths in the best way possible at Survivor Series.

Both saw throwing haymakers at each other furiously inside the ring.

The two outstanding performers went blow for blow before Lynch put Flair into her classic figure-four leg lock. The intense match ended up in favor of  Lynch as she claimed victory over Flair at the last moment.

The Raw Women’s Champion, Becky Lynch, shared her win moment from the match as she said, “To see where we came from to where we are now … and the hatred there, you know the hatred going out there and it’s just so sad.,”

“That’s somebody who I loved so much who I trusted with my life. We’ve been through everything together. We nearly died in a car crash together and just how much we despise each other now … I just wanted to rip her apart out there.”

While there were intense moments of the fight, WWE celebrated The Rock’s 25th anniversary who joined the WWE in 1996. The celebratory show was filled with successful moments from The Rock’s entire career.