One out of five of its close to 10,000 administration jobs will pass by March 2021, in territories including IT, account, showcasing and deals.

The organization’s 90,000 mailmen would not be influenced by the cuts, Royal Mail said.

Due to the COVID-19 predicament, the Royal Mail has declared a cost-cutting arrangement that will include dropping about 2 thousand employees. The departments taking the fall include IT, finance, sales, and marketing.

One of every 5 employees in 10 thousand management roles will be fired by the start of next year. The 90 thousand postal workers, however, will stay employed and their jobs will not be affected by Royal Mail cuts.

The pandemic has shifted the letter sending trends towards more packages being sent as people are shopping online while staying at homes.

The company also warned that the United Kingdom’s business will which has been in the loss in the last few years will continue to decline this year as well.

The slashing changes of thousands of management cuts follow long stretches of declining benefits and an inability to react fast enough to the drop in letter volumes and a blast in packages connected to online-shopping.

Keith Williams, the acting executive chairman said that the sudden shift in the trends due to coronavirus has made things challenging for the Royal Mail. He included that the smart and quick action will save them.

Royal Mail to cut 2000 management roles (1)

Furthermore, the company is working on the plan to save 300 million euros by cutting the wasteful expenditures throughout the years 2021 and 2022 to keep the company standing saving thousands of employments.

The United Union said that it is an exemplary case of attempting to reposition a business to make a reasonable long haul future while feeling constrained to make momentary cuts that just obstruct that progress.

They had around 6 thousand managers working at the Royal Mail who took the blow of sudden cuts.

The Unite Union is devastated by this decision. They said that they will demand the top administration to explain how firing these valuable employees, managing the transition procedure, and dealing with the progress, is going to create quicker and better organization choices to serve clients.

The Royal Mail shares went down 11% after they made the management cut announcement.

This is the greatest fall on the FTSE 250 list. They are however planning on shifting the business to UK based global parcel Delivery Company that also delivers letters in the UK instead of just the letters delivering company.