Dozens of protesters and about 13 policemen lost their lives in deadly clashes across Kazakhstan compelling Russia to send their troops.

According to the security forces, anti-government protests have been ongoing across the country which has transitioned into large-scale violent protests.

According to the police officials in Almaty, “they killed dozens of protesters who attempted to storm major government buildings in Kazakhstan’s largest metropolis.”

The state-owned media outlet of Kazakhstan stated that “at least 13 members of its security forces have been killed in the clashes, two of which were decapitated.”

According to Reuters, “the presidential palace and the Almaty mayor’s office had been set ablaze during the uprising and the city’s airport was also briefly captured by the protesters.”

Russia has Amnesty International, the renowned human rights group has overly criticized Kazakhstan’s government officials in an official statement saying employed its military contingent to the former soviet state as per the “peacekeeping” efforts in the country.

The Kazakhstan government also imposed a nationwide internet blackout which was further followed by partial restrictions that were to target the messaging apps as well as mobile internet access.

Internet governance watchdog NetBlocks stated that “the blackout will limit the public’s ability to express political discontent and communicate freely and also disrupt the foreign media’s coverage of the protests.”

“Instead of threatening to crack down on protesters, Kazakhstani authorities must resolve the situation peacefully by immediately and unconditionally releasing all those who have been arbitrarily detained and addressing past abuses committed by the state.”

The ongoing protests against the government have been described as “unprecedented” by the international media. The anti-government protest started after an extreme surge in fuel prices.

President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev blamed the unrest in the country on “terrorist groups” which are receiving help from other countries.

The leadership has imposed extreme stringent measures to shut down the protests. President also declared a “two-week state of emergency” as well as an overnight curfew.

Kazakhstan also asked for help from Moscow prompting the Russian-led collective security treaty organization to send troops to the country.