Russia stumbles in combating the raging omicron variant-driven covid-19 cases as the country reports almost 100,000 new cases on a daily basis. The Russian authorities admitted that the actual number of cases may be more than recorded as the contagious omicron variant-driven cases just got out of hand.

The State Coronavirus Task Force recorded 98,040 new Covid-19 cases in 24 hours – an all-time high for Russia in recent weeks as the pandemic begins to convert into a roaring monster for the very first time in the country.

Dmitry Sergeyevich Peskov, the spokesman for the Kremlin stated “it is obvious that this number is higher and possibly much higher,” because “many people don’t get tested” and have no symptoms. Peskov noted that Russia’s numbers are “so far lower than in Western European countries than in the U.S., so one can’t rule out that they will grow further.”

Dmitry Sergeyevich Peskov also admitted that as the coronavirus rages across the country, there have been a lot of people within the presidential administration who have reported t to be infected by the omicron variant.

“The vast majority continue to work from home after having isolated themselves,” Peskov said. “This explosive contagiousness of the omicron, it demonstrates itself in full.”

Peskov said Friday there was no point in imposing “excessive restrictions” and cited “the world’s experience.”

The number of infections started to soar in the country about three weeks ago when the daily record of the cases started to surge rapidly. The daily tally was 15,000 on 10th January but it crossed 100,000 on Friday.

Russia started the vaccination process of children between the age of 12-17 with a locally developed vaccine – Sputnik M as there has been a sharp surge observed in the hospitalization and infection of covid-19 in children particularly.

Half of the population of Russia is completely vaccinated and it has administered a booster shot since July 2021 for all those who have completed the vaccination process.

The Parliament of Russia had postponed the introduction of new restrictions for the unvaccinated population. The health ministry has also cut down the isolation time frame from 14 days to seven days.