Ukraine and Russia are planning to start parallel military drills as the fears of American sanctions become a vivid reality.

According to the reports, the Russian warships were seen sailing towards the Black sea alarming the nearby countries which are fearing a military invasion anytime.

As warships of Russia showcase their presence in the black sea, the movement of troops from Ukraine and Belarus was also witnessed at the same time.

The Kremlin did the exercise of transporting a large number of troops and weapons whereas the military of Ukraine responded by transporting unmanned aircraft and anti-tank missiles, with the support of the countries from the western hemisphere.

According to the sources, the animosity between Russia and Ukraine has started to alarm the rest of the nations of the country as this might affect the world in more ways than expected.

The insiders stated that these military exercises could be the strategic tactics by the Russian President Vladimir Putin to win time. The idea of invading Ukraine has not left the think tank of president Putin and this might be a way of repositioning the military forces in order to make a new attempt of invading the neighboring country.

Many world leaders have jumped into the dispute to resolve it but as for now, there hasn’t been any de-escalation from both countries.

Countries like Germany, France, Poland, and the United States of America are trying all the ways to decrease the military activity in the region from both ends.

Russia is hoping that NATO will convince Ukraine not to join any military alliance as a reciprocal response to the future Russian invasion.

One of the NATO diplomats said that the demands made by the Russian president are unrealistic. Putin is in no way trying to give any room for compromise to Ukraine while discussing the internal strategic plans.

Emmanuel Macron, the President of France, paid a visit to Ukraine. The Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky received the French head in Kyiv on Tuesday. Emmanuel Macron becomes the first French president to visit Ukraine in the last 24 years.

The Ukrainian President described the visit and the talks between the two presidents as “substantive and very productive.”

The French President also declared that the Russian President has agreed not to escalate the current situation further,

More than 100,000 Russian troops are near the Ukrainian border at the moment. The Russian troops are strongly supported by the separatist groups of Ukraine, especially the ones which belong to the eastern side of the country.

American and European officials are monitoring the situation closely for the next 10-12 days till the time the military drills end. The officials fear that these military exercises might provide Russia a hidden getaway to strike an attack on Ukraine suddenly which might escalate the situation for the worse.