Russia Ukraine war: Suspected airstrikes from Ukraine hit an airport near Kherson which is supposedly under the control of Russia.

Images circulated on Tuesday showcased an airfield engulfed in thick black smoke blazing aircraft and other aerial objects nearby.

The pictures showcased 3 helicopters blazing on fire whereas several airport vehicles had also caught fire.

According to the Associated Press, a suspected Ukrainian airstrike hit the Kherson international airport and airbase which is currently under the control of Russia putting several helicopters and other aerial stuff on fire.

Several helicopters could be seen on a pad at a distance that had already been damaged by earlier strikes by the Ukrainian forces.

The Ukrainian president stated that they will continue to fight across the country, that the strikes and “powerful blasts” on the Kherson airport are just another way of showing their courage and might. He said that the powerful blasts rocked the area and they are still assessing the damage that took place in the area.

Kherson is a pivotal city, which is located southeast of the capital city of Kyiv about 450 kilometers away.

President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy stated that for the first time a humanitarian corridor was used in Mariupol. A major evacuation of about 40,000 vehicles took place in the besieged city. Even though it was an accomplishment for refugees to leave the heavily damaged city, most of the refugees in the convoy were forced to spend the night out in the cold while moving at a snail pace towards the city of Zaporizhzhia.

Zaporizhzhia is another important city near Kyiv, almost the same area as Kherson. People and residents of the city are told to get themselves protected under bomb shelters and barricaded buildings during the current Russia Ukraine war. The men are also setting up positions for firing and combating the Russian troops.

Satellite images from Ukraine also showcased that the nuclear power plant near Zaporizhzhia, located in Enerhodar had encompassed no damage so far as the Russia Ukraine war goes on. All the six reactors were working perfectly after the Russian troops engaged in a heavy firefight with the Ukrainian troops to seize the power in the nuclear plant.

The power plant in Enerhodar is said to be the largest nuclear power plant in Europe.