Ukraine claimed that it “destroyed” a Russian vessel here on Thursday located on the port of Berdyansk, in the southwest of Mariupol.

The Ukraine Navy’s official account on Facebook made an announcement stating,

“A large paratroop ship ‘Orsk’ of the black sea fleet of occupiers was destroyed in the occupied Russian port Berdyansk, “Glory to Ukraine!”

Several videos and photos surfaced on different social media platforms showcasing thick black smoke rising from the port of Berdyansk.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine, later on, tweeted that “The occupiers are burning well.”

Russia is definitely far superior in terms of armed forces and technology compared to Ukraine, but Ukraine has shown more resistance than anticipated by the Russians as well as the world.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy had stated that in these trying times, they will come out as triumphant in this unjust war.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine claimed on Thursday that since 24th February, the day Russia attacked Ukraine, the Russian army has lost about 530 tanks, 280 artillery systems, 1597 armored combat vehicles, 47 anti-aircraft weapons, and about 15,800 soldiers.

Ukraine has also made claims of killing six generals of the Russian army.

NATO has made similar claims stating that Russia has lost about 40,000 of its men up till now, making the country’s plan to conquer Ukraine more vulnerable than ever.

Russia did not confirm this tally of claims made by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The Prime Minister of Britain stated that “Ukrainian forces are carrying out successful counterattacks against Russian positions in towns on the outskirts of the capital, and have probably retaken Makariv and Moschun [to the west and north-west].

‘There is a realistic possibility that Ukrainian forces are now able to encircle Russian units in Bucha and Irpin.’

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s over-ambitious invasion plan of Ukraine continues to falter as he starts to look upon private militia groups and other foreign mercenaries to keep the war going, satiating his thirst for conquering Ukraine.