Iconic actress Sally Ann Howes has passed away at the age of 91 years old. The artist was best known for her roles in ‘My Fair Lady’ (1958) and ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’ (1968). The news was confirmed by her son Andrew Hart Adler via his Instagram where he posted a picture of them from many years ago in 1967 with the caption, Sally Ann and I in 1967 off of Catalina. You are finally with Douglas. All my memories of you live on.”

Death is a part of life and no one can dodge whenever it comes for them, but 2021 has been an especially heartbreaking year in terms of loss of artists. It makes sense to grieve for them and remember how important it is to recognize, acknowledge and uplift our artists as we do with many of the other professions, after these past two years have taught us how necessary art is for our life’s sustenance.

Before the news of Sally Ann Howes, this year we said goodbye to many legends whether actors, musicians, filmmakers etc. including Anne Rice, Stephen Sondheim, Peter Scolari, Mark York, Joey Jordison, Lil Loaded, Virgil Abloh, Melvin Van Peebles, Markie Post among many others.

Celebrities paid tribute to Sally Ann Howes, with many who worked with her to others who looked up to her as inspiration. “Sad news today about Sally Ann Howes, the original and best Truly Scrumptious. She was the epitome of class, a generous and kindly soul who offered the sweetest words of advice and support to me when I met her. I will forever be grateful,” wrote Actress Emma Williams on her Twitter.

Carolling Sheen wrote about Sally Ann Howes saying, “Sally Ann Howes. You truly were a glorious inspiration to me. Rest in peace. ❤️💔❤️”

Sally Ann Howes reportedly returned to her theatre career even after the roaring success of ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’ because according to herself, “I would have liked a film career, but I didn’t pursue it – I just loved connecting with an audience. The theatre is a drug. The problem is that to be remembered, you have to do films.”

“Apart from her ‘My Fair Lady’, ‘Summer Song’ and ‘A Hatful Of Rain’ were her top on-stage performances that she seemed most proud of too. It was absolutely wonderful when you’re in probably the greatest show that’s ever been written. It’s certainly up among the top 10. I enjoyed it immensely. I loved the American audiences, I loved the show, and I enjoyed being in America. [Broadway] at that time was the capital of musicals.”

In 1962 Sally Ann Howes was nominated in Tony Awards for best lead actress in a musical for her work in Brigadoon. Howes was married to Douglas Rae since 1972, divorcing thrice before that. She adopted two children while she was married to Richard Adler. Christopher Adler, Andrew Hart Adler are the two sons, with Andrew as the surviving heir now.