Citizens of San Francisco are furious and tired of the law and order situation in the city as the situation worsens.

The frustration has also been fueled up by the deteriorating state of public education. All these factors are hinting towards a congressional midterm.

Political analysts have been looking for such signs in states like Virginia where it has become quite evident that congressional midterms will be taking place but San Francisco has been quite a shocker!

The city is shrouded by the harrowing clouds of uncertainty where the voters appear to be restless and have the complete intention of coming out on the streets to demonstrate the gruesome realities of the city.

The voters marched towards the office of District Attorney Chesa Boudin last month in order to do something constructive regarding the law & order situation in the city.

The San Francisco Board of Education has also been under fire, especially three members of the board, Gabriela Lopez, Alison Collins, and Faauuga Moliga.

Parents are complaining that not enough measures were taken to reopen the schools during the coronavirus pandemic. The effort to rename the schools on the names of historic personalities like George Washington and Abraham Lincoln was also not taken well by the parents.

A local democratic leader Joel P. Engardio stated “our school board chose to put ideology over the needs of students.” He further stated that the Board of Education needs to focus on the basics and quality of education and make progressive attempts to improve it.

Similar debates have engulfed education boards across the country.  San Francisco is a heavy Democratic majority area where President Joe Biden won almost 85 percent of the votes last election.  The mayor of the city is a black woman, namely London Breed and the police chief is also from black ethnicity, Bill Scott.

Yet there have been murmurs of injustice across the city and calls for the progressives for not doing enough are getting louder. The rowing criticism needs to be silenced by the leadership else they should envision congressional midterms for sure!