On Wednesday night, London Breed, San Fransico Mayor, was spotted inside a nightclub in Tenderloin without covering her face – ignoring the mask mandate that has been in place in the city. She’s been seen in a mobile recorded video singing and dancing along with an unmasked crowd.

San Francisco mayor defiant after caught maskless in nightclub despite mandate: Don’t need ‘fun….!

“While I’m eating and drinking, I’m going to keep my mask off,” London Breed, who is a Democrat, said to FOX 2, Bay Area  that the incident is nothing but a “distraction”. She added, “And yes, in the time while we’re drinking like everyone else there, we were all having a good time and again all vaccinated.”

The mayor stated, the media’s focus should be on the vibe and the live music being played and added that wearing a mask while drinking and eating does not even sound “realistic”. She expressed her disappointment over the coverage of this story and said, “The fact that this is even a story is sad.”

Ironically, Breed’s state is currently imposing the strictest law for wearing masks and getting vaccination. The state also requires people to wear masks in indoor events unless the individual is actively drinking or eating.

“My drink was sitting at the table. I got up and started dancing because I was feeling the spirit, and I wasn’t thinking about a mask,” said Breed in a statement.

“I was thinking about having a good time, and in the process, I was following the health orders,” the mayor added.

She further said that she and her fellow party goers “don’t need the fun police to come in and micromanage and tell us what we should or shouldn’t be doing.”

She told the reporters that “The fact that this story became about me and less about the artists and nightlife, which I will continue to enjoy in San Francisco, is very unfortunate,”

As per the reports received from FOX 2, Breed declared the mask mandate back in August when the delta variant was spreading like wildfire and even vaccinated people were at risk.

At that time, Breed said, “Our economy and our livelihood, and our kids going back to school, and everything in between depends on it,”

The nightclub also posted a video of London Breed enjoying the party. However, later they deleted the video from their Instagram page.

Here’s the video that later got deleted, https://twitter.com/i/status/1438604391297126452

Breed said to the reporters that she often takes Covid test for precautions and “at the end of the day, everyone who comes in here has to show proof of vaccination. That gives me a lot of reassurance.”

“I’ve been very careful, not just because I want to set an example but because I don’t want to get COVID. I also want to make sure that I’m not someone transmitting COVID to other people” Breed said.

She mentioned that her focus during the entire pandemic period is to keep people safe.