Oscar award winner Sandra Bullock opens up about her way of parenting while discussing her parenthood ideology openly on Jada Pinkett Smith’s show – Red Table Talk.

The celebrated actress appeared on the Red Table Talk and discussed her life, achievements, and life as a parent. She stated that one of her biggest strengths as a human being is “being a mom

Sandra Bullock has two children, an 11 years old son Louis and a 9 years old daughter Laila.

She stated that “my superpower is that I’m good at saying sorry and I’m good at listening.”

“My parents couldn’t say ‘I’m sorry,'” Bullock said. “It was a generational thing. It was something that I now, in retrospect, can see their pain and their fear.”

The star was immediately praised by the host of the show Smith who called this particular trait “a good one” while her daughter Willow Smith stated that “it’s a really good trait to possess.”

Bullock further said “I say I’m sorry a lot. Even when I’m right. I say ‘sorry.”

The show with Sandra Bullock is scheduled to go on air on 3rd December 2021, on Facebook Watch.

Sandra Bullock is a single parent to both her children which are not her biological kids, they both are adopted.

She adopted her son Louis while she was still married to her husband Jesse James, the famous host of “Monster Garage”. After their separation in 2010, she continued to be a single parent to Louis.

She adopted her daughter Laila in 2015.

Sandra Bullock is very protective of her children. One of the most exciting parts for her is to think about her children growing up and off to college.

“That both excites me and scares the hell out of me!” she said with a laugh. “I have a daughter who is so frickin’ smart and so stealth. I mean, she’s a shape-shifter. Louie is a 100-year-old man in an 11-year-old body, and he’s just the philosopher and the laid-back guy.”