Scarlett Johansson is taking Walt Disney to court over the dual release of her movie titled “Black Widow.” The movie was released in theatres about two weeks ago and has gone on to make the biggest box office numbers since the onset of the pandemic.

On its opening weekend, Scarlett Johansson’s movie scored a whopping $80 million. However, the numbers took a downturn right when the movie was screened on Disney as well, allowing the audience to skip theatre visits and watch while home.

The 36-year-old actress is not just the movie’s star, but also an executive producer. According to Johansson’s lawsuit, the agreement with Disney’s Marvel Entertainment ensured a proper movie release in the theater. Her official salary was also based on the film’s success at the box office.

A representative from Disney said that the company was fully adhering to Johansson’s contract. Additionally, they argued that the release of “Black Widow” on both platforms has given the actress a lucrative source of income.

As far as Hollywood’s release patterns are concerned, there has been a bit of a lull in the market. The coronavirus pandemic had imposed uncountable restrictions that have had a significant impact on industry norms. ‘

With such circumstances in play, the film industry has also suffered to a massive extent. The exclusive and hyped theatrical releases had come to an abrupt halt and much of the norm had changed for a greater part.

Many of the notable films, including “F9” and “No Time to Die” had delayed their official premieres so they could opt for the traditional method of the film release. But there were several other films like Pixar’s Soul that chose to skip theatres entirely and jump on streaming. In order to enhance its streaming service, WarnerMedia has chosen to release all of its movies in cinemas and ON HBO Max.

In comparison, the release of Black Widow has been a much-hyped event that has garnered significant attention from the audience. However, the dual release hasn’t sat too well with lead star Scarlett Johansson. Her representatives have tried to renegotiate her contract but Disney and Marvel have remained unclear about their decision.