ANITA spotted high-energy particles that are not existent on our planet. The scientists noticed strange particles emerging from the ice in Antarctica.

After 2006, scientists noticed it again in 2014. Previously they had thought it could me technical mistake by ANITA. However, after researching the previous data and reviewing the details, scientists have now concluded that the particles might not belong to our Earth.

According to the scientists, there might be the existence of a parallel universe. A parallel universe means another universe where everything runs backward, even the time.

Physicist Peter Gorham, who led the research, said that the phenomenon observed was very strange. Even though it looked like a cosmic ray, the research they did suggest something that is not known to Earth.

In the paper published by the university, there is also a suggestion that the entire thing was against the laws of physics.

Gorham added that the particles are hailing outwards from the Earth, which went against the laws of physics.

This helped indicate that there might be another universe where everything ran in reverse. He said that not everyone in the research team was comfortable with the possibility of a parallel universe.

Although there is no proper proof that this hypothesis is true or not, the possibility of another parallel universe is both exciting and terrifying.

Ibrahim Safa, another scientist working on the project stated that the possibilities are endless and can turn out to be thrilling.