Scottie Pippen took to social media to announce the death of his son, Anton who died at the mere age of 33.  The Hall of Fame basketball player took to Instagram to post a set of pictures with his son, where the two are seen smiling eye to eye. Pippen wrote a heartfelt caption along with his post that encapsulated the pain of losing his eldest child.

As penned down by the retired NBA star, the father-son duo shared a bond like no other; from having innumerable conversations about the game to sharing a mutual love for basketball, their relationship defined pure love and unconditional support.

According to Scottie Pippen, Antron had a serious health condition, but that didn’t deter him from his path; he always “stayed positive and worked hard.” He also thought that his son would have qualified for the NBA if his chronic asthma didn’t hinder his path.

Scottie Pippen announces death of his son; says he was a “beautiful soul” Antron’s father requested the public pray for him and his family as they struggle to stay afloat in the wake of his death. Although a cause of death wasn’t disclosed, Scottie Pippen spoke of his son as a man with a “kind heart and a beautiful soul” who departed from this world too soon.

The junior Pippen had played a set of basketball games during his time at the South Georgia Technical College back in 2006-07. Besides, he also played in a season of Division II basketball at Texas A&M International University, where his average time rounded up to be 12.4 minutes per game.

Scottie Pippen played an integral role in his son’s decision to play baseball. At the NBA Top 100 High School Camp in 2005, Antron mentioned how his father had a great influence on him taking up the sport; one where he polished his skills and made him a household name.

He seemed to be greatly inspired by his father, as evident in his interview with USA Today: “He tells me a lot of stuff like I need to get stronger.” The elder Pippen wanted his eldest son to gear up and follow his footsteps to create a mark in the sport and for the most part, that’s what he did. Antron declared that although he tried to maneuver his own game, his father’s defense tactics always inspired him.

Out of seven children, Antron was Scottie Pippen’s eldest son. He remains bereaved over his son’s death and asked his fans to remember the deceased and his family in their prayers.

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