In a week one showdown, Seattle Seahawks will face the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday. This will be their new start of the 2020 season.

Since it was not clear whether Jones would recover and play, the Hawks have included Chad Wheeler in the practice squad.

On Sunday, it will be challenging for the Hawks because of their player’s injuries and illnesses. The illness and injuries are certainly a point of concern to the Seahawks.

A player Brandon Shell, after four years, signed a contract agreement as a free agent with New York Jets. In the preseason, he was injured in the ankle but now seems fully recovered.

Duane Brown had knee surgery; he was playing in the National Football League. His team stood by him during training camp to give him rest and keep him fresh.

On Saturday, a player name Jamarco Jones, who played as a backup swing tackle, has been reported to have an injury.

When there was no hope left for Jones’s recovery, a player name Chad Wheeler who was performing well in the practice squad was promoted as an active player in replacement of Jones.