In an attempt to assist restaurants and food vendors impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, Seattle Restaurant Week is due to begin this fall. After having to cancel earlier in the spring, the event aims to encourage participation from as many restaurants as possible.

Customers are encouraged to help restaurants suffering from the implications of the pandemic by buying their food, all of which are offered at discounted prices. The fact that this event is held outdoors means it is keeping in line with health and safety regulations.

Including more participants seems to be this year’s goal, with prospective restaurant entrants able to apply and register for the event free of cost. Similarly, Seattle Restaurant Week has allowed participating restaurants to serve a free menu without any criteria for courses.

These measures have been taken to ensure maximum participation within the community. At a time when the pandemic seems to be increasing, events such as this provide entertainment for all.

Seattle Restaurant Week Has Returned with Fall 2020 Pandemic EditionA lack of clarity with regards to COVID regulations has taken a huge toll on the restaurant industry, with many being declared dangerous due to their enclosed nature. Restaurant owners have been left to themselves to handle and report the virus, as well as shutting down the establishments when needed.

Unlike previous editions, the Seattle Restaurant Week is now operational from the 25th of October to the 21st of November. As a result, attendees are encouraged to avail of this opportunity by ordering food in the form of delivery, which helps both the restaurants and adheres to the health and safety regulations.

Those looking to order can also consider donating to community projects through the Restaurant Week initiative. Restaurant options are sorted in various categories, allowing for people to choose a restaurant according to their taste.

As many as 165 participants have opened their kitchens to serve the residents of the Seattle neighborhoods. This initiative is designed to help restaurants and that is what the event organizers are planning to achieve.