At the start of the 2020 NFL Season, many football enthusiasts believed that the Seattle Seahawks would come out on top. While the team did have a fantastic start, they couldn’t hold the momentum.

Perhaps, the Seahawks’ most crushing defeat came this past Saturday when they lost 30-20 to the Los Angeles Rams in the wild-card round. The said game took place at Lumen Field. For those of you still unsure of why this defeat was the toughest one yet for the Seahawks, know that this was their first home playoff game loss since the 2004 NFL season.

Another interesting take away from the Seattle Seahawks’ inconsistent performance this season was how Russell Wilson fared in this season. The quarterback started off the season with a bang. Over the Seahawks’ first four games of the current season, Wilson threw 16 touchdown passes, tying a jaw-dropping NFL record. His impressive performance at the start of the season made him an early candidate to bag the MVP award.

Upon the completion of the ninth week, the Seahawks were at the top of the league with an average of 34 points per game. As for Wilson, he led the league in his own right with 28 touchdowns.

However, the eight weeks that followed turned things around. While the Seahawks witnessed their per-game average dropping down to 22.6, Wilson managed to score only 12 touchdowns, dropping to the 13th spot.

According to ESPN, Wilson’s 17.6 Total QBR during Saturday’s game turned out to be his worst in 16 career playoff games. It doesn’t help that the Rams were responsible for Wilson facing his highest pressure this season.

According to the head coach of Seattle Seahawks, Pete Carroll, his team was at fault for not adapting to the tactics as to how the opposition was defending their deep passing. Carroll also stressed that injuries to key players were also to be considered in the demise of the Seahawks’ performance over the second half of the season.

Saturday’s loss was the second time in three seasons the Seahawks were knocked out in the wild-card round. Also, the same loss marked the fifth time in the Seahawks’ recent five playoff stints.