President Joe Biden has revoked the Keystone XL pipeline project. It’s a big surprise for the supporters of former President, Donald Trump. According to senator Steve Daines, it seems as if Joe Biden’s ‘Saudi Arabia First’ approach, may affect the American workers.

He was not happy over the fact that Biden has revoked the Keystone XL pipeline project while keeping intact the Saudi-funded projects. He has drawn a line between Saudi workers and American workers, who are struggling to make ends meet, in these critical times.

Millions of Americans have lost their lives due to the pandemic, and the situation has worsened drastically. President Joe Biden has increased the amount for stimulus checks, but this does not justify him taking the Keystone XL project away from Americans, he exclaimed.

He has shown desperation of turning the orders of the Trump administration upside down and coming up with his own. A total of 17 executive orders were signed within minutes, as Joe Biden assumed power.

Biden has been vocal about climate change, and he was supported by many climate change enthusiasts. He has also made sure that the commitment between the Paris climate agreement and the United States is renewed.

People wanted to see a significant change as Biden promised them while he was campaigning for his presidency. He did exactly what the people were expecting from him, and made sure that Trump’s decisions were reversed immediately.