A vast majority of people have and continue to criticize President Joe Biden for his weak leadership and inefficiency in governing the country altogether. Sen. Lindsey Graham is among the many to jump on the bandwagon.

On Tuesday, he told reporters how the first six months of Biden’s tenure have been nothing short of terrible. Apart from the border being in a chaotic state, the country is faced with a myriad of other problems that include an ever-increasing inflation rate, growing lawlessness, and a lack of support for the cops.

Given these circumstances, Graham claimed that he will be writing a letter to President Joe Biden, requesting him to reevaluate the state of US involvement in Afghanistan.  Taliban forces have played a critical role in the recent increase in violence. They have even removed Afghan forces from 50 out of 370 districts of the nation.

President Joe Biden’s team “performed badly,” Sen Graham
Source: theconversation.com

While the US withdrawal from action is more than halfway complete, an armed force is expected to be involved in the case till September. However, Graham thinks this support is insufficient and hopes to persuade Biden to sustain air support for the Afghan government.

If the Taliban are to take over Afghanistan, it would leave the U.S in a precarious position, said Graham. “I fear that Al Qaeda and ISIS will re-emerge and we will be paving a way for another 9/11,” added the concerned Senator.

Additionally, he also pointed to the issues surrounding the U.S foreign policy and said that President Joe Biden’s administration seems to be ignorant over the state of the U.S border. With a rapid influx of migrants, Graham expressed concern about the “criminal element” of the border- paving the way for more and more terrorists in the country.

Despite voicing out his concerns in vigor, the South Carolina Republican seemed optimistic about the future planning of Congress. While he is in talks with Sen Tim Scott and other officials to pass an infrastructure bill, President Joe Biden’s administration is still showing no signs of hope. Instead, they seem to be “doubling down on policies that are failing,” concluded Graham.


  1. We all need to be better than this. Considering the source. is an easy way to see how Graham and McConnell only point fingers at others, versus stating principles they account to regardless of party, per their sworn oaths.

    While Biden’s time is being spent to dig us all out of the huge hole we fell into as a nation, he is not doing it in ways to divide us, rather to enlighten us to reason through true needs as a nation.

    Some see the need for a national right-sizing or a National Emergency as clearly our nation is being attacked inside out and outside in. We all should have a voice in what constitutes a meaningful solution and how do we raise the bar on constructive accountability. That solution needs greater creativity, innovation and attention to our full nation than we have seen.

    Seeding our court system with partisan leaning judges is outrageous and criminal when that court system has to protect our constitutional integrity without compromise. Regardless of which parties we have, they both need to work together as a functional team, not as two warring parties, especially one with zero accountability pointing fingers at the other.

  2. How is weak all around. But maybe it’s because of all the so called issues that aren’t even issues. We make every excuse to jump into a country and take their resources and put it on the news as gospel. Joe needs a nursing home, but American politicians need to be rode out on a rail into the ocean and told to go mess up another country and they’re not welcome here anymore. A complete reform of all branches of government is desperately needed.

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