The rift between the two parties continues as they struggle to agree on current priorities. The Senate Republicans are adamant about getting more right-wing judges appointed. In contrast, Democrats argue that the primary concern should be on the virus.

Republicans are rushing to have a corroborate hearing of McConnell’s disciple, in the US court of appeals.

It was stated that the hearing by the Judiciary Committee would be held next week. Senator McConnell’s pupil, Mr Walker, a former District Court Judge of Kentucky, will be considered by the Committee on Wednesday.

The rapid measures taken by the majority leader prove that he plans on leaving no vacant positions in the government. He states that the pandemic has already cost him precious time that he could have utilized to send the Senate into adjournment.

The virus has resulted in dreadful political conditions for the conservatives, which might enable the liberals to seize the Senate in 2021. This switch would bring a sudden halt to the Republican vision of placing more conservatives on the federal bench.

Mitchell informed other republican senators that the HJC would persist in getting judges appointed after they arrived back in Washington. Ms Murowski asserted that the party’s emphasis should be on more pressing issues such as the pandemic, as the selection of judges is of secondary importance.

The chances of a confirmation hearing also sparked anger from the leftist members of the committee who insisted on it being canceled. They claimed that instead, the federal government should be devising urgent plans to control Covid19.

Nonetheless, Mr McConnell remains unfazed by the opposition. Both the wings want members induced in the National Intelligence to access information on coronavirus.

Trump threatened that he would use unprecedented powers to suspend congress and fill the vacancies himself if the Senate fails to do so.

The progressive divisions opposed the selection of the inexperienced Judge Walker. The leadership conference urged senators to focus on saving America from the virus instead of electing judges who will deconstruct health care programs.

Judge Walker’s removal from the nomination office is unlikely since Democrats cannot disregard his respect amongst advocacy circles.

Trump’s government continues making efforts to restructure federal courts (increasing judges) while the Republicans continue contacting senate judges with potential retirement to ensure their stronghold.