Senator Ted Cruz has received harsh criticism for taking his family away from Texas to the Mexican resort Cancun – amid crisis.

After the media reported on Ted Cruz’s vacation trip, the 50-year-old Republican congressman was about to take a flight home.

Cruz said in a statement that he just wanted to be a good father and did this to please his daughter.

He moved to a Mexican resort famous for its sunshine and beaches. Cruz’s move was criticized by a large number of people, and some people have even called for his resignation.

Texas has suffered the worst snowstorm in a century, and millions of Texans have been struggling to cope up with the situation due to power cuts and a shortage of water.

The unprecedented weather has left many people without power. About 2.7 million households have suffered in the wake of the snowstorm.

Cruz wanted to represent the Republican Party in the presidential election in 2016 but lost to Trump in the primary election.

Cruz is expected to make a comeback in 2024. However, after photos appeared on social media showing him in the airport passenger lounge and preparing to take a flight to Mexico, the Democrats called on him to resign.

Many people took to Twitter to criticize him for his vacation trip. The photos triggered a debate amongst the people.

Multiple Twitter users have posted photos of the Cruz family to ridicule his actions.

After being caught in a public controversy, Cruz quickly booked a flight back to Houston, Texas, and issued a statement defending his actions.

However, the people of Texas did not seem to buy into Cruz’s explanation. According to a report, some people gathered outside Cruz’s home in protest and called on the senator to resign.