Back-to-back tornadoes ripped apart Texas leaving people stranded in their damaged homes and schools.

According to the reports, several destructive tornadoes hit the state of Texas leveling dozens of schools and homes.

According to early reports, the destructive weather across the state took a humongous toll on the buildings and trees, leaving people stranded among the debris of their damaged homes, schools, and commercial buildings.

So far, no casualties have been reported.

“We know there are many people whose lives have been completely disrupted, people who have lost their homes,” Governor Greg Abbott said at a Monday night press conference alongside Williamson County Judge Bill Gravell.

“At the very same time, and what I’m about to say maybe early and premature but it may be a miracle also because even though there’s been some devastating physical damage, to my knowledge as of right now, there is no report of loss of life which is just stunning,” the governor added.

Governor Greg Abbott also hinted at issuing a state disaster declaration by Tuesday.

The area most adversely affected by the tornadoes was Austin. According to the National Weather Service’s Prediction Center, as many as 19 tornadic activities were reported in Austin and the adjoining areas.

The National Weather Service issued a tornado warning for 14 million people living in the areas of central and northern Texas till 10 p.m.

NWS asked people in the cities of San Antonio, Austin, and Dallas to be on special tornado watch as these areas were most likely to get hit by the tornadoes.

According to the reports, a tornado caused a huge two-mile-wide area of destruction in the city of Jacksboro, Texas which is located northwest of Fort Worth. The NWS confirmed that a humongous tornado hit the city approximately at 3:50 pm on Monday.

The Fire Chief of Jacksboro stated that about 60 to 80 houses were severely damaged along with the elementary school and high school of the city in Texas, which suffered substantial damages.

Pictures showed that the roof of the school’s gym collapsed. There were students and staff inside the school when the tornado struck. Thankfully nobody got hurt.

“I’ve never seen anything like this. You see these things on the news and you just never assume you’ll be in that position,” Jacksboro High School Principal Starla Sanders said.

“That definitely happened today. But I’m thankful for the way everybody handled things.”

The NWS released a warning for more violent storms to continue till Tuesday as the system is moving towards east but these violent episodes will be less severe than what was witnessed on Monday.